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HSGI Launches 2 New TACOs – Extended Pistol Mag and High Capacity Mag

Yesterday, I spent the day with Swansboro, NC-based HSGI. Not only did I get to tour their new factory but they put me to work stringing some of their new TACOs. Why would they need me to help out? Because they are launching two new variants today and they wanted to make sure they wouldn’t go on back order. Below, you can see that my hand’s are moving so fast that they are just a blur.

Fast Mover

But seriously, I put one of each together to get an appreciation of how they are manufactured and assembled.


The first is the Extended Pistol Taco® Universal Mag Pouch. Designed to accommodate most extended or high capacity pistol and sub gun magazines as well as large flashlights, collapsible batons and other survival equipment.

Dimensions: 1.75”H x 1.2”W x 6.25”L


The next is the High Capacity Magazine TACO. It’s designed to lock large capacity rifle and kalashnikov style shotgun magazines in place. Fits many radios as well.

Dimensions: 3”H x 1.2”W x 5”L


Both are offered in Black, Coyote, OD, MultiCam and more.


12 Responses to “HSGI Launches 2 New TACOs – Extended Pistol Mag and High Capacity Mag”

  1. D says:

    I like this trend from HSGI and Crye to make more versatile pouches rather than one-trick ponies.

  2. E to the G says:

    So what is the difference between the regular taco and the new HCM taco (other than price)? The dimensions look the same 3 x 1.2 x 5…

    • SSD says:

      It’s a little hard to see in the photo, but the top has a wider stiffener section that corresponds with the SureFire HCM bodies.

    • Luke says:

      looks about 2″ taller to me, they fit a whole extra MOLLE row on it.

      • Greg says:

        So the stiffener on the sides is tapered, smaller at the bottom and wider at the top?
        Did you try/see a 60-rd SF mag in it and if so did it fit well?

        • SSD says:

          Before I answer this, are you saying that you believe that HSGI created a pouch for the HCM that doesn’t fit the HCM?

          • Greg says:

            I wasn’t intending on asking a stupid question (but I may have succeeded in doing so). I have only read about the pouch on your site so when I read ‘large capacity rifle and kalashnikov style shotgun magazines’ I was thinking large caliber (since shotgun mags were also mentioned) as opposed to high capacity. I was also unfamiliar with the magazine shown in the pouch in the picture, it looked to be Saiga shotgun mag.
            Not trying to be difficult, just wanted clarification.

    • E to the G says:

      Ahh…I see the difference now. The dimensions are listed wrong (in this article and on their website).

      The correct dimensions are on their website in the “description” tab, but are incorrect on the “specifications” tab. Copy / paste error FTW!

      • Correct, C/P error for the win on part of our web developer. It will be corrected first thing Monday:)

        • E to the G says:

          I meant copy/paste error on HSGI’s part, this article just reflects what HSGI’s website says on their “specifications” tab 🙂

  3. TV-PressPass says:

    Anxious to try this with my Mka1919 magazines. Those things are tanks next to a pmag!