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High Threat Concealment – Custom LF-P40 Holster


About two years ago at SHOT Show 2013 I received an unexpected gift from my friend, Dave Reeder. At the time, it was a bit of a unicorn, a Legion Firearms LF-P40. It’s a unique .40 cal 1911 variant built specifically for Legion Firearm by STI. It’s a beefy gun with a double stack magazine, and lots of angles. I’ve never had a holster for it, until now.


Today, I was invited to visit High Threat Concealment to check out their recently expanded shop, and they asked me to bring the pistol along. While I was there, they made a custom Kydex holster for the LF-P40. As you can see from the images, the holster is a perfect fit, right down to Legion’s signature honeycomb pattern on the slide.

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5 Responses to “High Threat Concealment – Custom LF-P40 Holster”

  1. Gregor says:

    Does that mean HTC will offer custom holsters for pistols and pistol magazines in the near future?

    I’d love to try their Low Profile System, but my choice of sidearms is not compatible with HTCs offering of pistol holsters right now.

    • We are constantly looking at adding new models to our existing lineup of pistols. We are in the process of launching about a half dozen new products, some of which will be new pistols. For any pistol that isn’t offered, as long as we can get a hold of the gun you need, we can make a holster we can make a holster for it. If it’s a custom pistol that you have, we do have the ability to utilize our FFL to have your pistol shipped to us provided you understand the guidelines and expectations that go along with that.

      The only stipulation we have is that we do NOT use blue guns to make holsters. It’s essentially making a copy of a copy, and that isn’t always as sharp as the original if that makes sense. We’ve found that replica guns aren’t always exact, and we pride ourselves on making a perfect fitting holster every time. In these types of holsters, a millimeter means the difference between your holster being too tight or too loose, and that’s a no go for tactical gear.

      SSD has the exclusive on all of our new releases, so follow them and our fan page for new products as they’re released. Thanks for the support!

      James Overton
      President/ Founder, High Threat Concealment

  2. Shay Dortch says:


    How are you today? My name is Shay Dortch and I am the Business Development Director at HTC. We have the capability to make a holster for any pistol that is on the market. How can we assist you?