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Sneak Peek – New Adidas Colors

Adidas is introducing a few new colors that will be if interest to SSD readers.


First up is the Swift R in a green colorway.


Next is the Fast R in Black on Black.

Coming soon from


10 Responses to “Sneak Peek – New Adidas Colors”

  1. Eddie says:

    I’m liking the ones on the top.

  2. GKoenig says:

    Am I crazy in seeing a lot of Salomon XA Pro in these?

    (Ironically, Salomon once having been a subsidiary of Adidas…)

    • Matt says:

      Lacing system is a dead ringer…..that mesh is VERY XAish

      • realnik says:

        Don’t know about these adidas, but agree this looks similar to the salomon lacing system which = great fit / easy adjustability but is the first thing to fail based on the 7-8 pairs of XA-pro I’ve had. This is bit of a bitch to fix in the field not to mention frustrating when the rest of the shoe still has plenty of miles left on it. I’ll keep buying them for the fit until I find something better, but putting a super-thin cord under tension through a piece of fabric where it will move back and forth is poor engineering, though maybe it’s smart business if you’re a french company making kit cheaply in china. It would be great if salomon and/or adidas would reinforce the lacing/eyelets to withstand the abrasion.

        • D says:

          The lacing eyelets are reinforced with a white plastic ( pvc delryn ) tube insert.

  3. Ali says:

    wooo !!! it is like Salomon XA pro 3D

  4. Dan says:

    How about some form of brown color so they can semi pass as a military style boot… would definitely open up a few more sales. Pretty lax with shoe types at work as it is, but still can’t stretch this far…

  5. Dev says:


    Adidas will apparently be offering customer-customisable custom printed running shoes soon. Any idea if that program extend to these models?