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NRA Life Of Duty – Defending Our America Episode 4


NRA Life of Duty has released the latest episode of their newest series “Defending Our America” sponsored by Sig Sauer. In this episode, titled ‘Lessons From My Lai’, the group looks back at My Lai and Abu Ghraib. The episode can be viewed below.



4 Responses to “NRA Life Of Duty – Defending Our America Episode 4”

  1. Ash says:

    I get the sentiment, but if I kick the hell out of a dog and the local paper covers the story in a crappy way, I’m STILL the a$$#ole who kicked the dog.

    If I kill a kid and the nat’l media covers it in a way that makes my whole community look crappy, I’m STILL a child-murderer.

    Using media to complain about media is a big piece of what’s screwy with the media. How about completely boycotting ANY media for about a week, because if we keep watching, they’ll just keep spewing.