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SOFIC 2014 – L3 Integrated Optical Systems


Pittsburgh-based L3 Integrated Optical Systems showed me their new Long-Range Sniper System which is like an optic on steroids. They’ve taken a popular commercial off- the-shelf 4×22 optic and integrated laser range finder, temperature, MEMS cant and incline sensors. The base optic’s etched reticle is still there so even if your electronics go down, you’ll be able to effectively engage targets.


The LSS integrates algorithms for M24, M110, M40, XM2010 and M107.
Naturally, all of that additional data being integrated right at the optic is going to increase the probability of first round hits. But, the shooter will still need basic marksmanship skills such as breathing and trigger control.


For more information, contact sa[email protected].

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5 Responses to “SOFIC 2014 – L3 Integrated Optical Systems”

  1. Yeah , nice ….. and what about the wind ?
    Just another expensive , and fragile toy …..