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SOFIC 2014 – Paratech

Paratech has developed a new maritime damage control shoring system. The current state of the art consists of centrally located wooden shoring that must be measured and cut to size. The new Paratech Damage Control System is easier to use, offers considerably more strength then the traditional wood method and is will not succumb to fire threats like wood which will combust. Additionally, there are no mold or mildew threats or corrosion.


Recently adopted by a European Navy, the system has been deployed on their ships in various locations on the ship increasing reaction times.

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5 Responses to “SOFIC 2014 – Paratech”

  1. Rus says:

    SMART idea!! Too bad it took us this long to think of it…

  2. orly? says:

    Interesting indeed, hope the US Navy considers capability over cost for these.

  3. Mongo says:

    I remember way back in the day (90s) when I was still in the fleet, NAVSEA brought out something that was supposed to do this…it was complicated and required lots of maintenance and I think had POL fluid in them. Although, we did have metal shoring back then, you had 4-8 and 6-12foot sections, they where little more than repurposed house jacks, I pray that this is significantly better than the Bell bottom dungarees era “improvement”.

    • Rus says:

      These are simple screw into place shoring, and corrosion resistant material. So, I would imagine maintenance would be real low! Hopefully