SOFIC 2014 – Armadillo Merino

UK-based Armadillo Merino specializes in next-to-skin, head-to-toe Merino Wool garments with NZ sourced wool and innovative designs.

The advantages of Merino wool are myriad including No Melt, No Drip, inherent anti-microbial which eliminates smelly wool, no spark for those in gaseous environments such as taking down clandestine drug labs or aircraft, and UV protection. It offers the same qualities you seek from synthetic performance garments, but naturally. Most of all, Merino offers comfort. These aren’t your grandad’s itchy wool drawers. Merino is comfortable against the skin, summer or winter.


Because Armadillo specializes in next-to-skin garments, they do a great job of offering designs that are comfortable. For example, there are no tags in the neck and their raglan sleeves keep seams off the tops of shoulders. Speaking of seams, they are all flat and they offer single panel from wrist to hip with no armpit seams. Additionally, they offer several weights of sock and headwear. The lightest, summer weight, garment is 140 grams per sq meter and the heaviest is a modest 190 grams per sq meter which is perfect for winter use.

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  1. Samuel Leoon Suggs says:

    Their is way to much man nipple on that website for my taste. That said the product exibited look ok.