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SOFIC 2014 – ADS Inc / HDT Global Robotics – Protector


The Protector from HDT Global Robotics is a small unmanned ground vehicle that performs a wide variety of tasks.


The Protector gives a small unit a great deal of organic rough terrain carrying capacity as well engineering support. It can be configured as Backhoe/Loader, Flail/Roller/Rake, weapon carrier with CROWS or as a mortar carrier, and as a logistics carrier. Additionally, it can offer support CASEVAC, ISR systems or comms relay.


The tracked Protector can carry 1,250 pounds of gear and is <3' wide. It features a 32 horsepower turbo diesel/JP8 engine with 2kw of power available to users. The Protector is available for agency and unit purchase through ADS Inc.

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One Response to “SOFIC 2014 – ADS Inc / HDT Global Robotics – Protector”

  1. TomcatTCH says:

    Reminds me of a remote control Bren Carrier.