MRC/HDSI Universal Case

Recently, SSD gave you a sneak peak at a new project from Mayflower Research and Consulting and Hodge Defense Systems resulting in the MRC/HDSI Universal Case. The goal in creating the Universal Case was to provide a discreet solution to carry a fully assembled rifle or other equipment when an innocuous profile is required for transport or trips where you are a stranger in a strange land. The case was born out of common experiences in less than desirable places, complete collaboration between the two companies’ founders and a desire to create a truly universal utility case capable of fulfilling multiple roles for end-users.

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As a weapon case, it is capable of holding a 16” barreled AR-15 or similar platform and perfectly accommodates a 10.5” to 12.5” M4, with suppressor attached. For general transport or range use, one end of the 37” x 10” case can be unzipped to accommodate larger weapons. The exterior flap secures with two low-profile adjustable ITW G-hooks and the case can be carried by the sewn in carry handle or the shoulder strap clipped into one of the 5 attachment points. The shoulder strap utilizes a single piece of variable-width 1” webbing transitioning into 1.5” at the carry point and doubles as an improvised weapon sling,

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The Universal Case’s exterior is 1050D Cordura, with 500D internally. Standard production colors will include black and grey with black webbing; custom production orders will be available in a variety of other colorways. A 2” x 8” internal pouch on the right side of the case is capable of holding a suppressor, two M4 magazines, long-range camera lens, cleaning kit, or anything else similar in size. There is an 8” x 11” internal document pocket sewn into the center of the case to stow small items, data books, maps, NFA Trusts, or other documents. Two sewn in Velcro loops secure the main contents and along the inside of the top flap, there is a row of PALS webbing. The length of webbing can be used to secure other ancillary items such as bipods, weapon lights, and secondary optics via the two ITW QASM Picatinny RAMP attachment points included. 1/4” closed cell padding offers protection and structure without adding excessive bulk.

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The design of the end flaps and the geometry used for the heavy-duty, locking zippers, enables the Universal Case to unzip and convert into a 31” x 37” workstation for extended urban observation operations or range use. In addition to its suitability for common uses, the nondescript design lends itself to transport of many other items without outwardly giving away its contents. Because a hard-sided case is not always practical, the Universal Case is an ideal solution for use in low-visibility SOF or LE operations when transporting elongated items like weapons, collapsible breaching tools, tripods, communications antennas, tripods or lightweight medical litters such as the MATBOCK S-Lift with Combat Carbon Fiber Poles.

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In addition to the Universal Case, Hodge Defense Systems and Mayflower Research and Consulting are announcing the release of a co-designed weapon sling. The sling will initially be offered in Coyote and Black colors and with options for HK or push-button QD attachment mechanisms. The sling incorporates a single piece of variable-width 1” webbing transitioning into a 1.5” in the body where the sling rides on the shoulder. The primary idea was to produce a solid sling devised under the K.I.S.S principle. While the sling is adjustable, it was designed with intent to eliminate any needless failure points or unnecessary hardware.

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Based on experience and feedback from end-users it was apparent there are a lot of really great quick-adjust slings on the market, but all too often adjustable slings can become complicated and end up fixed at the user’s desired length. This premise led to the elimination of unnecessary long tails and quick-adjust sliders in the design, while still allowing for adjustment without too much effort or disassembly.

The MRC/HDSI Universal Case and Weapon Slings will be available for retail purchase through Mayflower Research and Consulting’s website. Dealers, custom orders and Unit/Agency purchases should contact Hodge Defense Systems or Mayflower Research and Consulting directly for more information.

About the Author

Austin Vermillion (AV) is a Navy veteran who spent the first half of his career in the enlisted ranks and was later commissioned as a Navy Supply Officer through the Seaman-to-Admiral-21 Commission Program. After commissioning he joined the Naval Special Warfare community focusing on Material Management, Force Modernization Requirements, Support Capabilities and Operational/Combat Logistics in Africa and Afghanistan. After leaving the Navy, he joined a program supporting SOF operations overseas and also works to provide integration and support based on end-user needs to Veteran entrepreneurs and industry through Targeted Integration Group.

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8 Responses to “MRC/HDSI Universal Case”

  1. D says:

    Projected release date?

  2. Chicken Legs says:

    They are available now. 135.00 for the bag…working on sling cost.

  3. AV says:

    D, the Universal Case is currently available through MRC’s website, with stock on hand, for $135; it is Berry compliant and at that price point a pretty good value. See link below. The slings will be released and available for purchase in the next few weeks. Pricing will be announced via the website, but I can say, it is going to lower than a lot of what you currently see on the market for US Made, Berry compliant item.

  4. Felix says:

    Great point on the sling. I remember bring pride owner of a VTAC sling and actually never using the full possibilities quick adjust feature in the field .

  5. Chris U'5 says:

    I really like the look of this and it would be ideal for my needs, I’m impressed with the price too. I wonder if they would send one to the UK and if so, how much would it cost? (Probably a fortune, US to UK shipping rates have gone through the roof!)