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Arc’teryx Launches New Technical Performance Footwear Line for Spring/Summer 2015

Literally minutes ago, Arc’teryx officially unveiled a new technical performance footwear line for the Spring/Summer 2015 season, to a packed house here in Chamonix, France. You are getting to see a first look now, right here on SSD.

The natural building block for introducing new footwear is to understand the foot. Once Arc’teryx had sufficiently studied that, they moved toward an actual footwear design. They spoke with their pro athletes and others to determine what was most important. They found that fit, improved climate management, and weight vs durability were key to their customers.

This whole project started a couple of years ago with a single LEAF designer who is also an avid climber. Since then, Arc’teryx has brought in some real rockstars to make this happen, including footwear Product Line Manager Federico Sbrissa. Federico hails from Montebelluna, Italy, the place where the rubber truly meets the road in outdoor footwear development.


“From the very beginning, our goal was to bring a fresh perspective to footwear that enhances the overall mountain experience. We have a rich history of thinking beyond current materials and construction and everything about these shoes reveals the Arc’teryx genetic code of understanding what a products needs to be at its most essential level.”
– Footwear Product Line Manager Federico Sbrissa

But now on to the shoes themselves. The line consists of eight shoe styles for men (five) and women (three), separated into low-cut approach shoes (Alpha2 FL) and mid-cut Hiking and light trekking boots (Bora Mid). Regardless of model, the first thing that strikes you is that there is no tongue and that’s by design.


(Alpha FL)

(Bora Mid)
With any Arc’teryx launch there is going to be a corresponding enabling technology and this is no different. Key in their design process for footwear was breathability. This led them to development of a liner. Specifically, separate shell-liner construction. Based on this concept, they’ve developed the ‘Arc’teryx Adaptive Fit’ (pronounced A squared): the combination of a stretchable liner and single-piece, seamless laminated outer shell that are manufactured separately but worn together for improved comfort, climate management and durability.


This new liner is constructed from a Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Stretch membrane which is removable for cleaning. This liner conforms to the shape of the foot, does not absorb moisture and also functions to cushion impact. Think of it as an inner boot that also can be worn as hut/camp shoe. It is available in different options for higher insulation and protection. For example, there is a mid-height liner that offers insulation higher up the leg.


On the other hand, their new outer laminate features four different layers:
• a non-woven DWR-treated microfiber for smooth internal surface
• a textile woven with PU coated Nylon yarn for air flow and abrasion resistance
• 0,2 mm TPU film build integral upper support
• 0,35 mm high abrasion TPU film reinforcement on more exposed areas

Notice there’s no leather here. It’s all synthetics.


That outer laminate is a single piece so there are fewer seams and larger breathable surface areas. Naturally, this also means less tape and adhesive which equates to less weight.

“By incorporating techniques like lamination, we developed shoes that offer unprecedented durability, comfort and precision performance in the most breathable mountain footwear construction on the market.”
-Footwear Product Line Manager Federico Sbrissa

They’ve minimized gluing points to fix the Gore-Tex® booty (on those models) which improves breathability and the absence of a bulky tongue maximize its waterproof/breathable surface area.


This two-piece construction of the A2 Adaptive Fit models reportedly also has the benefit of facilitating air flow between the inner and outer boot to minimize moisture buildup. It’s thin design also conforms to the shape of your foot and can be rinsed out when needed.


In addition to the Alpha FL, there are also mesh and Gore-tex versions of this low top which don’t feature removable liners. The mid height Bora is also offered with a removable liner as well as Gore-tex versions.


No matter the model, Arc’teryx has really gone all out with the sole design. The one-piece upper wraps around the midsole. The boots also integrate a new Vibram® Arc’teryx Approach outsole made with the new Megagrip compound. Also, individually shaped for every size available, three-dimensional rubber components protect heel and toe area from rock contact. Finally, an Ortholite-insole rounds up the outer shoe construction.



While some of the colors in this initial launch are bright, there are also options available for the LEAF customer including Black and Greens.


Look for these new technical performance footwear with adaptive fit technology next Spring.


23 Responses to “Arc’teryx Launches New Technical Performance Footwear Line for Spring/Summer 2015”

  1. CRH says:

    Sweet baby jesus…Rad… Can I get them in a tan color to wear when I go back to Fallujah and Mosul this fall?

  2. Ju Con says:

    I’ll be that guy – any idea what the heel-to-toe drop is, and\or stackheight, SS? Any ideas what sort of last they’re built on?

  3. TVD Knudsen says:

    Nice, but whats up with the laces? Why does it have to be neon colours?

  4. h j k says:

    will they be in wide widths ?

  5. Brouhaha says:

    Made in China? If so, they are not a good option for US LEAF, literally or otherwise.

    • SSD says:

      Made in China. They weren’t designed for LEAF but if certain units want them, they’ll figure out how to do it.

  6. Strike-Hold says:

    Very interesting….

    How does this type of inner boot affect the type of sock you would wear with them?

  7. MattF says:

    I’d heard that Arc’teryx was working on some footwear stuff awhile back and I was wondering what they were going to bring to the table in terms of something new that wasn’t a ‘me too’.

    They have definitely accomplished their goal of producing something that is revolutionary.

    Well done!

    • DevDoc says:

      Interesting. Seems like we’ve seen these all before. Ill have to try but looks like the kind of boot that will kill me feet. Ill have to try. first to get me away from Salewa or Merrell (sawtooth) , both proven to pretor, the price point would have to be there. Reminds me of when Colombia started doing shoes.

  8. Ghosteryx77 says:

    I’m sure these will be excellent like everything they do…

    What I’m not looking forward to is:

    The drain on my bank account (I’m guessing between $175 – $300 for the various models).

    The explanation I will need to come up with as to why I need these that my wife will see right through…then get pissed I spent the money for them.

    And finally, the horrible feeling that every other shoe will feel like after being wrapped in the new Arcteryx shoes.

  9. Horror says:

    If the Alpha SV Gloves are $275, I’m thinking these shoes will easily be $350+

  10. Mike Nomad says:

    This looks like some very well thought out, and possibly innovative kit. Knowing they are going to be expensive, the part of the article that gave me pause:

    “They found that fit, improved climate management, and weight vs durability were key to their customers.”

    That comes off as a very polite way of saying, “No, you are not going to get a lot of wear out of these.”

    However, I remain interested. This stuff is almost a year out. A lot can happen between now and then.

  11. CATM 75370 says:

    I hope they’re a substantially better boot than the flimsy Nike SFB !!!