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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Partner Series – Hill People Gear Umlindi Pack

For the first time in our weekly Friday Focus segment, we will be featuring one of FirstSpear’s OEM partners and a product FirstSpear produces for them; Hill People Gear and their Umlindi Pack.

Why Hill People Gear started

According to the Hill brothers who founded Hill People Gear, this is how the legend began:

HPG started as a series of personal projects built to solve problems that weren’t satisfied by anything else on the market. Other people started seeing and wanting these things for themselves so we decided to give it a whirl. As our market has grown, we’ve been able to expand our product line from unique items unavailable elsewhere into better renditions of items that are more widely available. When we hear from a guy who used to climb with Yvonne Chouinard and starting backpacking before we were born, or from a guy who is a full time adventurer and jungle instructor — and they’re liking our packs better than anything else they’ve ever carried – it inspires us to keep turning out gear that will stand the test of time.

Why American production

We’re able to make decisions based on more than just the bottom line because we’re a family owned business. Helping maintain American manufacturing infrastructure means we have smaller profit margins, but at the same time we’re doing our part to build stronger communities here at home. This is how you fix social and economic problems the American way. Individuals freely deciding to do what needs to be done brick by brick, not governments bungling around with top down half-solutions. Our customers understand this and part of why they choose to send their hard earned dollars our way is because they also believe in investing in American infrastructure.

Why FS

We were lucky enough to fall in with First Spear before they had their production line set up. We knew a guy, who knew a guy. That’s really been the basis of our partnership with FS. From the beginning, we were doing business with people who operate the way we do – do a good solid job without cutting corners, fix problems head on when they come up, don’t be chickenshit about the little things, and above all be trustworthy. It should come as no surprise that this results in production quality as good as you can get anywhere and a very easy going working relationship. There may be drama in our business from time to time, but it doesn’t come from our partnership with FirstSpear.

Umlindi Pack


The Umlindi Pack is an exercise is designing the largest pack practical for use without lifter straps. It features a one piece contoured shoulder harness which doesn’t get in the way of shouldering a rifle. The padded back panel ensures comfort for the wearer. The Ute-style pulley compression system accepts the Palspocket, Tarapocket, or Tarahumara packs. Additional features include dual wand pockets, 3 reinforced hang tabs inside the pack, a hose port, half depth slot pocket inside of pack, and a parachute cord tool loop in back center. Use of an optional Prairie Belt or other war belts makes the “Lindi” into a large lumbar pack.

Available in Khaki/Ranger or Foliage/Stone. Hill people would also like to offer SSD readers a discount code for the Umlindi Packs. Use the coupon code “FSFFK” (for khaki/ranger) or “FSFFF” (for foliage/stone) for $20 off an Umlindi pack through 6/27.



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8 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Partner Series – Hill People Gear Umlindi Pack”

  1. Hill People Gear rock !!!! Fear the Skull !!!!

    Keep up the good work guys !!!

  2. nikuraba29 says:

    Talked to Scott Hill yesterday regarding one of their products. Great dude, patient, gave some great advicea nd they produce quality gear.



  3. Ken Galbraith says:

    Evan and Scot Hill are as legit as they come and it shows in the quality of every single item Hill People Gear makes….and I should know. I have one or more of just about every thing they offer. I use their gear nearly everyday in my work as a member of a Personnel Recovery Unit for a DOJ organization. I spent nearly 26 years on active duty, most in Special Forces and SOF units and wish kit as good as this existed back then. Day in and day out, in any type of environment or activity from jungle to mountain, my Hill People Gear puts up with any rough conditions I encounter. Not one blown stitch, comfortable carry, uncomplicated, and pure utilitarian beauty. I am exceedingly proud to be associated with them and to call the Hill brothers my friends.

  4. Dutchy says:

    HPG makes great gear. Quality is matched by none, looks great wears even better….. I cant say enough great things about these two guys.

  5. Brendan says:

    HPG is a top notch company, with exceptional customer service and attention to the things that matter – community, craftsmanship, and country, to name a few.

  6. John C. says:

    I’ve been using HPG gear for years and it’s some of the most innovative stuff to come out in years. Their gear is simple, well made, and just flat works.

  7. Greg S says:

    HPG gear, and Evan and Scott, who put their reputation into HPG products are second to none, period. I’ve hiked and climbed almost everywhere and at 61 I’ve seem them all and worn most of them. In the functional space of HPG packs, and gear, their pack systems will exceed your expectations in what you have ever tried or owned. Their versatility is like none either, too.

  8. CapnTroy says:

    Rock on Evan & Scot!