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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Name That Bag Contest

Friday, April 6th, 2018


For this weeks Friday Focus we are getting the first look at an all new range bag / all-purpose bag available for pre-order now from FirstSpear. Incorporating a removable padded shoulder strap secured with hk hooks, large interior compartment with two separate dividers that can be re-arranged or removed based on user requirements.

The full loop panel on both interior walls can be used to mount FS hooked backed Ragnar pockets or store cell tags. Two padded pistol pockets are located inside the main compartment and can be accessed individually in a hurry. Discreet appearance with unlimited amounts of applications from a carry on to a dedicated equipment or range bag.

Made in the USA and available now for pre-order in the all new two-tone manatee grey / kryptek along with solid black, manatee grey, and ranger green. 17″ x 9.5″ x 8″


The only catch is the bag still needs a name. FS has asked SSD readers before to come up with great names for other items like the “The Engagement Ring” for the MK32 40mm speed loader. Here is another chance to make your mark in the FS product line, rules are simple! Comment your suggested name below and by next Friday FirstSpear will pick a winner (contacted via email). If your name gets picked and you already placed your order consider your bag free!

Pre-order opens today. Expected to start shipping at the end of the month.


SHOT Show – EBIS A New System From Aqualung – Compatible With FirstSpear Maritime Carriers

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

This is the Aegir 38 maritime armor carrier from FirstSpear. Attached is the Emergency Breathing and Inflation System by Aqualung.

EBIS is available with 1.5 and 2 cu ft bottles.

In addition to a breathing apparatus, it EBIS incorprates a power inflator.

There is also a pressure relief valve on the inflation system.


Beyond x First Spear Booth Jacket

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Booth Jacket

Beyond x First Spear Booth Jacket

Introducing the Booth Jacket by Beyond and First Spear. The Booth Jacket is a fully U.S. made (Berry Compliant) evolution of First Spear’s Squadron Smock. This extremely limited run consists of only 13 jackets and they will not be reproduced.

Originally inspired by a traditional British Smock, the Booth Jacket is loaded with pockets and features. Built out of a DWR treated 50/50 nylon cotton ripstop for durability and protection from the elements. The Booth Jacket also features a grid fleece liner, Cordura elbow reinforcement and mesh interior pockets. The hood is sized to fit over a helmet and features a wired brim that can be adjusted for full customization. Extending down the hood and the back of the garment are attachment points for camouflage material. In total, the Booth Jacket features 18 pockets for endless storage configurations.

-Hood and Torso lined with gridded fleece
-Hood accommodates helmets
-Hood features drawstring and rear adjustment
-Hood Brim incorporates wire stiffener
-Scrim/Camo attachment points along hood, upper back and waist
-Velcro patches for ID on upper back and bicep pockets
-Removable padding in Cordura reinforced elbows
-2-Way Pit Zips for ventilation
-Pen pockets on both lower sleeves
-Drawstring waist
-Drawstring hem
-2-way Main zipper (closed with Velcro strips as well as Slotted Buttons)
-Snap closure at bottom of main zipper
-Drawstrings feature captive barrel locks for one-handed adjustment

-2 x Bicep Pockets with Hook and Loop
-2 x Cargo Chest Pockets
-4 x Cargo Pockets Along Skirt
-2 x Zip Closure Exterior Napoleon Pockets
-2 x Zip Closure Interior Napoleon Pockets
-1 x Exterior Poacher Pocket
-3 x Interior Flat Mesh Pockets
-2 x Zip Closure Gridded Fleece Lined Handwarmer Pockets

These are an ultra limited collaboration project and Beyond is offering them at $400.00 which has got to be significantly less than what they even cost to make, as they are Berry compliant.   Someone’s going to call it a collectors item but if you want a quality smock at a great price this is the one.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Partner Series – Dark Angel Medical D.A.R.K. Pockets

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Once again, the Friday Focus series serves to introduce one of FirstSpear’s OEM partners. This time, it’s Colorado-based Dark Angel Medical. We also spotlight Dark Angel’s D.A.R.K. Pocket line manufactured by FirstSpear.

What drove the creation of Dark Angel Medical and D.A.R.K Pocket lines?
Making the kits as simple and compact as possible. We thought by making them easy to use and easy to carry would encourage more people to carry a med kit with them.

Why “Made In America”?
We knew we would be getting nothing but top-rate gear going with an American company and knowing the quality of FirstSpear’s product line beforehand made that decision easy.

How did the relationship between Dark Angel and FirstSpear begin? Why did you ultimately choose FS to manufacture your nylon pockets?
We were actually referred to FS by a friend of ours in the industry and we were impressed by the warm reception we received as well as the genuine interest in helping us make our product better. The quality and timeliness of the work is second to none. Rapid prototyping and excellent communication make this an easy relationship and one we hope to continue for a very long time.

Anything new on the horizon from Dark Angel Medical and FS?
Oh, yes. We are continually striving to improve our products and expand our product line to meet the needs of everyone. A med kit is for anyone. Stay tuned.

D.A.R.K. Pocket

The D.A.R.K. Pocket, also known as the Custom 3rd Generation Pouch, is the load carrying component of Dark Angel Medical’s Direct Action Response Kit. Manufactured from 500D NIR Nylon, the D.A.R.K. Pocket was designed in conjunction with FirstSpear in order to provide an improved, efficient medical pouch.


The D.A.R.K. Pocket features a cap-style lid with a pull tap reminiscent of those found on early magazine pouches. A quick-deployment lanyard which is pulled up after the pouch has been opened allows for rapid deployment of the kit insert and minimizes effort with decreased fine motor dexterity. Built-in pull tabs on the back allow for attachment to MOLLE-compatible gear, and the pouch also features a color-keyed drain grommet in the bottom.


A built-in TQ pouch secures the TQ while protecting it from the elements. 1″ wide webbing on each side of the D.A.R.K. Pocket allows for additional pouches, or placement of equipment such as lightsticks, markers, or chest decompression needles. Also included on each side are trauma shear retention straps which keeps shears stowed during rapid movement.


D.A.R.K. Pockets can either be ordered individually, or outfitted with Dark Angel’s Direct Action Response Kit, which contains a well-rounded assortment of medical supplies in both Civ/LE and MilSpec configurations, and can be further upgraded and customized to better serve the professional end user.


D.A.R.K. Pockets are available in the following colors: Black, Coyote Brown, MutiCam, Ranger Green, and Wolf Grey.

As a bonus to SSD readers, Dark Angel Medical is extending a special 10%-off discount on all products (excluding training). Use coupon code SSD10 to apply the discount. The code is active for 72 hours only, from today, December 5th, to Sunday, December 7th.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – SSV Pistol Holster

Friday, November 21st, 2014

That’s right, FirstSpear is releasing a holster. They’ve been working on the idea for awhile now, refining the concept until they’d come to this design. I’ve seen various versions as it came along as well as this model at Modern Day Marine where the Speed, Surprise & Violence of Action Holster lay, taunting passersby, as an open secret.

FS has really put a lot into this, analyzing what works, and what doesn’t, in order to do something new. While some might think that a Kydex holster isn’t that exciting, this is just the beginning. You’re going to see some additional capability introduced that will complement this holster. It’s a very good design and I’m excited to see what they are doing.

Meet the FirstSpear SSV Pistol Holster


Rather than just another molded pistol holster, FirstSpear wanted to give Armed Professionals a complimentary capability to their sidearm. Utilizing the latest in signature suppressive materials and construction techniques, the SSV Holster takes into account the full range of modern pistol craft manipulation. This holster will live up to the CQB axiom of: Speed, Surprise & Violence of Action!


The SSV incorporates multiple User requested features:

-Modular security retention that can be changed to accommodate your preferred method of carry

-Adjustable tension to give you the precise snatch stroke that you require

-Tension can be set with any modern pistol cartridge case by turning the external screw located over the trigger guard area of the holster

-Exterior face constructed to mask visual and Near Infrared (NIR) signature; aiding in overall silhouette suppression as seen by your opponent


The SSV was developed and engineered with the finest materials possible, exceeding all known Military Specifications. In addition to an Industry leading fit and finish, the holster utilizes subdued, corrosion resistant hardware for saltwater resistance standard in this capability’s composition.


Like all other FirstSpear Products the SSV holster will integrate into an overall system approach that will lighten your load, reduce your signature and keep you streamlined for the fight. This holster will adapt into future FirstSpear equipment platforms that will aid in better concealment and transportation of your sidearm. Currently, the SSV Holster integrates perfectly with their Line 1 Belt and AGB.

As with all FirstSpear products this holster will be continually innovated and improved, but the reliability, craftsmanship and confidence that it inspires will always be standard. The SSV Holster is 100% American Made out of US Materials.


Currently available and ready for shipping within 5-10 business days are the following SSV Holster and Color Combination’s; more are being added all the time, so please be sure to check their website or call for the latest additions.

Belt Mounted SSV:

Sig 229 No Light With and Without Rail

Sig 226 No Light With and Without Rail

Glock 19/23 No Light

Glock 17/22 No Light

Beretta M9 No Light With and Without Rail

HK45CT Accommodates Barrel With and Without Suppressor Thread Protector

S&W M&P Duty 9/40 No Light

S&W M&P Compact 9/40 No Light

1911-1 (STI, Nighthawk, Wilson, & Sig Sauer & Caspian) No Light With and Without Rail

1911-2 (Colt, Springfield Armory, & Kimber) No Light With and Without Rail

1911-3 (Colt M45A1 CQBP MARSOC) No Light With Rail


Available in Ranger Green, Coyote, Black, MultiCam and for qualified customers AOR1 & AOR2.


FS Friday Focus – Partner Series – SKD Tactical

Friday, August 29th, 2014

FS OEM Partner Series - SKD

Occasionally in the FirstSpear Friday Focus we take a look at their OEM partners. This time, we’ll examine SKD Tactical and one of the pieces of kit FirstSpear builds for them: the STT Plate Carrier.


This particular STT is quite special. It’s a one-of-a-kind version in Kryptek Highlander. One-of-a-kind, as in you can’t purchase it. However, you can win it, in a Facebook contest, but more on that later. Now, on to some really cool background.

What drove SKD to get into products manufacturing versus just being another retailer?
When we first got involved in the Tactical gear market in 1999, we recognized pretty early that there were a lot of things that could be done to improve existing product designs. While technology was advancing products in other industries at breakneck speed, tactical gear was still pretty much some modified derivative of LBE’s or RACK systems. Our first step into “making” gear was getting Eagle Industries to modify the Paul Howe Universal Chest Rig for us. After that initial success, we realized that we could differentiate ourselves in the market by modifying and improving other products we already carried. This led to the easy transition of designing our own gear from the ground up. When tactical gear innovation really started exploding during OIF/OEF, we were well positioned to be able to take part in the new wave of gear designs.

Why “made in America?”
Making our gear here is woven into our identity. We as a nation have lost the quality edge on a lot of different product segments to overseas manufacturing, but America is still the best in the world at designing and manufacturing tactical gear. This is an undisputed fact. With partners like FirstSpear, continuing to make quality gear in the US is what we intend on doing for as long as long as we remain in business.

How did the relationship between SKD and FirstSpear begin?
Our relationship with FirstSpear began ironically at Eagle Industries. We were already making our own products with Eagle when they were sold in 2009. Visiting their design shop and factory was a regular occurrence. When Eagle eventually closed their factories in St. Louis, we were pleasantly surprised that many of the key players we dealt with at Eagle had moved on to start up FirstSpear. Working with a manufacturer that already had decades of experience making the world’s finest gear was a no brainer. Even before we actually began carrying any FirstSpear labeled products, we had inked a deal for First Spear to take over production of the PIG Plate Carrier.

What drove the development of the STT?
We were always impressed by the innovative technologies of FirstSpear’s Tubes and 6/12, but the price considerations of the Strandhogg were not a good match for our market. It was during a visit at FirstSpear that we came across a simplified version of the Strandhogg that was done for a major LE agency–we immediately had a “eureka” moment. When we realized that we could make the STT with the ability to accept PIG Airflow and Comfort Pontoons, and price it in the void that was left empty by the disappearance of the Eagle Plate Carrier, we knew we had to execute.

Were there previous iterations of the STT or any major changes through development?
Coming from an already existing platform, the development process was pretty linear. We went from flash to bang in about 3 months, which was pretty fast for us. We did experience a bobble at the release however- we only had one cummerbund size available. FirstSpear was really good about working with us to get the other sizes online and manufactured within weeks.

Are there any other FS/SKD partnership projects on the horizon?
We don’t have anything to announce at this moment, but we are always trying to come up with sneaky collaborations with FirstSpear, who is our premiere manufacturing partner. The quality and consistency they’ve turned out over the course of making thousands of PIG Plate Carriers has been nothing short of brilliant. We try and utilize both our Facebook pages and newsletter for product announcements, so please like both the SKD and FirstSpear Facebook pages and sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest news.




Facebook STT Plate Carrier Contest

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that you can win the one-of-a-kind STT Plate Carrier in Kryptek Highlander, which comes with a FirstSpear M4 3-Mag “Ranger” Shingle. For full details and to enter, ‘like’ both the FirstSpear and SKD Tactical Facebook pages and share the contest post on the FirstSpear page. Good Luck!



FirstSpear Friday Focus – Das Ding

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Each week we focus on a different aspect of FirstSpear. This week, it’s once again my pleasure to discuss Das Ding. I originally wrote about it a little over a year ago, offering up the first photos of how it is employed. Das Ding is German for ‘The Thing’ and that’s a pretty apt description. It’s a thing that adapts to the mission and kind of reminds me of a money belt on steroids. I fell in love with it for low-viz and SERE application. I am a big fan and it is a great low profile carry option for the tools you need to get your job done. What you carry is really limited by your imagination.


Made from Tweave, Das Ding incorporates 11 sewn pockets that allow you to configure your load any way you like. Once you’ve got it loaded, you slightly stretch Das Ding when you put it on. Then you overlay the Velcro panels to close it around you like a cummerbund. There’s plenty of contact with a 4.5″ x 6″ hook panel that connects to an even larger loop panel for adjustability. Additionally, you can close it in front or rear based on where you want to carry your load. You may want a smooth front or perhaps you want to be able to reach inside your jacket to access something.

Das Ding Front

The softshell stretch fabric accommodates a variety of items and grip enhancement panels on the inside of the pockets and security stretch cords keep them in place.

FS_Das Radio

Although it’s not a purpose built holster, you can even carry a gun.

FS Das Ding

Grip enhancement panels on the inside of the pockets and security stretch cords are included and can be attached as required. this item can be worn empty under your load carriage platform and blouse. Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL), corresponding to the AGB. Offered in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.

Order a Das Ding and FirstSpear will also ship a free FS Logo T-Shirt.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Partner Series – Hill People Gear Umlindi Pack

Friday, June 20th, 2014

For the first time in our weekly Friday Focus segment, we will be featuring one of FirstSpear’s OEM partners and a product FirstSpear produces for them; Hill People Gear and their Umlindi Pack.

Why Hill People Gear started

According to the Hill brothers who founded Hill People Gear, this is how the legend began:

HPG started as a series of personal projects built to solve problems that weren’t satisfied by anything else on the market. Other people started seeing and wanting these things for themselves so we decided to give it a whirl. As our market has grown, we’ve been able to expand our product line from unique items unavailable elsewhere into better renditions of items that are more widely available. When we hear from a guy who used to climb with Yvonne Chouinard and starting backpacking before we were born, or from a guy who is a full time adventurer and jungle instructor — and they’re liking our packs better than anything else they’ve ever carried – it inspires us to keep turning out gear that will stand the test of time.

Why American production

We’re able to make decisions based on more than just the bottom line because we’re a family owned business. Helping maintain American manufacturing infrastructure means we have smaller profit margins, but at the same time we’re doing our part to build stronger communities here at home. This is how you fix social and economic problems the American way. Individuals freely deciding to do what needs to be done brick by brick, not governments bungling around with top down half-solutions. Our customers understand this and part of why they choose to send their hard earned dollars our way is because they also believe in investing in American infrastructure.

Why FS

We were lucky enough to fall in with First Spear before they had their production line set up. We knew a guy, who knew a guy. That’s really been the basis of our partnership with FS. From the beginning, we were doing business with people who operate the way we do – do a good solid job without cutting corners, fix problems head on when they come up, don’t be chickenshit about the little things, and above all be trustworthy. It should come as no surprise that this results in production quality as good as you can get anywhere and a very easy going working relationship. There may be drama in our business from time to time, but it doesn’t come from our partnership with FirstSpear.

Umlindi Pack


The Umlindi Pack is an exercise is designing the largest pack practical for use without lifter straps. It features a one piece contoured shoulder harness which doesn’t get in the way of shouldering a rifle. The padded back panel ensures comfort for the wearer. The Ute-style pulley compression system accepts the Palspocket, Tarapocket, or Tarahumara packs. Additional features include dual wand pockets, 3 reinforced hang tabs inside the pack, a hose port, half depth slot pocket inside of pack, and a parachute cord tool loop in back center. Use of an optional Prairie Belt or other war belts makes the “Lindi” into a large lumbar pack.

Available in Khaki/Ranger or Foliage/Stone. Hill people would also like to offer SSD readers a discount code for the Umlindi Packs. Use the coupon code “FSFFK” (for khaki/ranger) or “FSFFF” (for foliage/stone) for $20 off an Umlindi pack through 6/27.