FirstSpear Friday Focus – SSV Pistol Holster

That’s right, FirstSpear is releasing a holster. They’ve been working on the idea for awhile now, refining the concept until they’d come to this design. I’ve seen various versions as it came along as well as this model at Modern Day Marine where the Speed, Surprise & Violence of Action Holster lay, taunting passersby, as an open secret.

FS has really put a lot into this, analyzing what works, and what doesn’t, in order to do something new. While some might think that a Kydex holster isn’t that exciting, this is just the beginning. You’re going to see some additional capability introduced that will complement this holster. It’s a very good design and I’m excited to see what they are doing.

Meet the FirstSpear SSV Pistol Holster


Rather than just another molded pistol holster, FirstSpear wanted to give Armed Professionals a complimentary capability to their sidearm. Utilizing the latest in signature suppressive materials and construction techniques, the SSV Holster takes into account the full range of modern pistol craft manipulation. This holster will live up to the CQB axiom of: Speed, Surprise & Violence of Action!


The SSV incorporates multiple User requested features:

-Modular security retention that can be changed to accommodate your preferred method of carry

-Adjustable tension to give you the precise snatch stroke that you require

-Tension can be set with any modern pistol cartridge case by turning the external screw located over the trigger guard area of the holster

-Exterior face constructed to mask visual and Near Infrared (NIR) signature; aiding in overall silhouette suppression as seen by your opponent


The SSV was developed and engineered with the finest materials possible, exceeding all known Military Specifications. In addition to an Industry leading fit and finish, the holster utilizes subdued, corrosion resistant hardware for saltwater resistance standard in this capability’s composition.


Like all other FirstSpear Products the SSV holster will integrate into an overall system approach that will lighten your load, reduce your signature and keep you streamlined for the fight. This holster will adapt into future FirstSpear equipment platforms that will aid in better concealment and transportation of your sidearm. Currently, the SSV Holster integrates perfectly with their Line 1 Belt and AGB.

As with all FirstSpear products this holster will be continually innovated and improved, but the reliability, craftsmanship and confidence that it inspires will always be standard. The SSV Holster is 100% American Made out of US Materials.


Currently available and ready for shipping within 5-10 business days are the following SSV Holster and Color Combination’s; more are being added all the time, so please be sure to check their website or call for the latest additions.

Belt Mounted SSV:

Sig 229 No Light With and Without Rail

Sig 226 No Light With and Without Rail

Glock 19/23 No Light

Glock 17/22 No Light

Beretta M9 No Light With and Without Rail

HK45CT Accommodates Barrel With and Without Suppressor Thread Protector

S&W M&P Duty 9/40 No Light

S&W M&P Compact 9/40 No Light

1911-1 (STI, Nighthawk, Wilson, & Sig Sauer & Caspian) No Light With and Without Rail

1911-2 (Colt, Springfield Armory, & Kimber) No Light With and Without Rail

1911-3 (Colt M45A1 CQBP MARSOC) No Light With Rail


Available in Ranger Green, Coyote, Black, MultiCam and for qualified customers AOR1 & AOR2.


38 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – SSV Pistol Holster”

  1. cyclops says:

    Looks good, but not really worth replacing my Ravens until light bearing versions are introduced

  2. Matt F says:

    For the love of God and all that is holy, please stop perpetuating this terrible idea that ammunition can be used as a substitute for a hand tool. You know, because nobody has a Leatherman on their person nowadays.

  3. bulldog76 says:

    cool but i think ill stick to my safariland als …just a side note and or observation down size the logo or put it on the back of the holster, most guys dont like wearing a billboard

  4. Jeff S says:

    An opening for the thread protector on the P226 or P229 would be helpful…

  5. ahhhhhclever says:

    stupid to restrict the aor1/aor2, but hopefully the still active military ID in my pocket will get them loosen their grip on it. Would buy an aor1, but I want to know the price

    • ahhhhhclever says:

      Nevermind, its $90. Didn’t think they were actually released

      • mike says:

        I can’t imagine that the AOR1 is treated the same way the fabric is so at that point it’s a desert digital with a different hue. No biggie, right?

  6. Joe momma says:

    Sooooo…..I’ll be that guy…..
    What makes this better then the 7,184 other kydex holsters and makers out there?
    Pancake, Done. Camo Coated, done. Adjustable tension, done. Shock cord strap, done. Colored hardware, done.

    • Joe momma says:

      And it’s quite huge compared to today’s standards of pancake kydex designs.

    • Joe momma says:

      And has some lovely sharp corners too.

    • PLiner says:

      Thanks for jumping on that grenade as I was thinking the same thing. Nothing really new to see here or even remotely innovative/interesting to set it apart from everything else out there, unless you consider the bungee and the snap cutting edge.

      • Sean says:

        OTG has offered optional bungee retention for their holsters for a while, actually.

      • Joe momma says:

        I have seen the bungee and button before though. The description is full of all sorts of hsld talk and big words, but I’m not seeing the delivery. I’m just as big of FS fanatic as SSD but this almost feels like a “just build it, they’ll buy anything!” business move.

    • mike says:

      I don’t see this as terribly different, but First Spear likely had a customer request this and it’s a shame to let the learning process go to waste. No reason why FS can’t put another arrow in their quiver. Also, for people who really like the brand, this gives them another chance to represent.

      • Joe momma says:

        I see what you’re saying, but if they were going to venture in to the kydex holster world, why not do something bigger and better? That’s kind of first spears thing. Or team up with somebody who’s already established them turn out something a little different. I could see a first spear gcode collabo being something worth while. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel unless you can come out with a new wheel.

    • straps says:

      Business decision–one that will sit well with purchasing folk.

      In the age of guvmint efficiency, cutting a PO for a vendor is a 2-day process–original PO, then it gets kicked back at least twice over purchasing compliance issues (always initiated AFTER procurement training). If I can limit that asspain to one vendor whose product gets the job done, I will take that 2 days. And anyone who says, “Purchasing is your job, deal with it.” Actually no it’s not. I cut POs on nights and weekends. This is my family’s time.

      These are “Bob on the FOB” holsters, not high-level retention deals. Commodity.

      But yeah, would be nice to see these molded for SFX300Us. Hopefully that happens.

  7. AbnMedOps says:

    This appears to be an open at the bottom holster, and here’s my issue with that: sitting down (planned or unplanned), the pistol can be pushed up and out of the holster, and/or mud/snow can plug the muzzle. I have experienced all of the above.

    • Joe momma says:

      I guess it could be a damnd if you do damnd if you don’t. Leaving it open allows debris to fall through and out. But also allows debris in from the bottom.

  8. Chris K. says:

    Not sure why some of you are bashing this holster, especially when you’ve never actually used/seen one up close. I mean it reduces NIR signature (looks like a cordura laminate) unlike similar kydex holsters, adjustable retention and modular retention, even looks like they used thin kydex inner face and a thicker/durable outer face. For 90 bucks and a 5-10 day lead time you’re getting a lot here.

    • Monty says:

      That is just camo Kydex, there is no cordura laminate involved…..and everything else you listed has already been done before. No doubt I nice holster, but nothing to get excited over.

    • Joe momma says:

      Everything you mentioned is not new is what is being said.

      • mike says:

        It doesn’t have to be new or novel to be useful.

        SSD is reporting on it because it’s new from First Spear, thus it’s newsworthy.

  9. Chris K. says:

    Jesus, SSD I change my vote to turn off the comments section on all posts.

    • straps says:

      This thread is downright scholarly compared to pretty much every other site that allows you to comment without paying in privacy or currency. Been over to Gearscout or KitUp lately? Sheesh…

  10. Colin says:

    I like it, very thin profile.

  11. Joe momma says:

    Why is there even a comments section of anytime someone questions a product it’s like they punched a baby? I though this was a site for product and other type announcements for the end users? Many other posts have the mfg actually involved answering questions, notating concerns, etc. If this is a site for just posting new shit that you want or like then do away with the comments. Apparently I am not the only one with a “dafuq” moment. Maybe theres more to the holster or a specific design feature that FS might have seen they neglected highlight based on some of these comments. That’s what I always assumed this page was a “for the user, by the user” type concept, not just to blindly report stuff from vendors that someone may or may not get compensated for….

    • SSD says:

      Because you keep going on and on and on. We get it, you don’t want it.

      Yes, SSD is for the USER. You have made it perfectly clear you aren’t a user of this product. And now, you’re just a butthurt whiner.

  12. balais says:

    I dont understand the controversey behind this. This holster is a good option for those running a battle belt that want a holster attached to it that doesn’t take up a lot of space and provides the slick, streamlined design of kydex with a retention loop to add a bit of peace of mind.

    I personally modified two of my kydex holsters in the same manner (one minimalist thigh holster). Its a good alternative to the tactical tailor type nylon holsters and the old school flap kind. With it looped around the slide (like what was shown on the middle left picture), it is superman fast.

  13. Jon Meyer says:

    It is nice to see someone finally make a RG kydex holster (that I can find/know of). Good stuff.

  14. Tom says:

    In the wake of the fallout that precedes anything kydex holster related, I’ll attempt to keep this focused on the product rather than the drama.

    “They’ve been working on the idea for awhile now, refining the concept until they’d come to this design.”

    There is nothing about this holster that hasn’t been done before, and usually done by about a bazillion people making these since the modular kydex pancake holster was introduced in 2007. The product ad is buzzword heavy, but ads are designed to sell product so I understand the goal. It seems like a departure from FS’s typical ad style, though.

    The article leads me to believe there are additional options/accessories for the holster. So far this is another me-too holster, I am curious to see what comes next. SSD- Are you able to share a predicted timeline for the next step(s)?