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Beyond Clothing – A-9 Shorty Mission Shirt

This is really cool. I can’t believe no one has released one of these yet. Guys have been cutting their sleeves off for some time now but generally it ends up looking pretty ragged. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person.


“Its kinda like a mission shirt but with short sleeves. We could get super technical and fill your heads with jargon, but we figure you know a thing or two about short sleeves. Its available shortly. Pun intended.”

Contact the Beyond Mission Project team for more details. www.BeyondClothing.com // [email protected]


41 Responses to “Beyond Clothing – A-9 Shorty Mission Shirt”

  1. Brooks says:

    This may just be the first time I’ve seen real gear copy an airsoft concept.

    • D says:

      Not so much.

    • SSD says:

      The “Airsoft concept” was copied from guys down range.

    • Horror says:

      Cutting your sleeves off is hardly an “airsoft concept”

    • mike says:

      I believe Brooks meant the idea of manufacturing the shirt with short sleeves, which as pointed out in the article is something that no one in the legitimate market has ever done. The only people before this producing short sleeve combat shirts, aside from not-quite-this attempts from folks like 215 Gear, have been companies aimed at airsoft.

  2. Kris says:

    I would’ve went with a 3/4 sleeve over this 1/2 sleeve.

  3. HD says:

    whether field expiedient, tailored, or purpose made —

    Its still pretty DUMB.

    • matty says:

      Why do you say that?

      • JM Gavin says:

        I don’t know why HD thinks so, but I would guess his reasons are the same as mine. Extra exposed skin in combat is not a good thing.

        • seans says:

          Yes, cause we all know the ballistic properties that are lost by cutting the sleeves off. So many arms have been lost in SOF cause of it. Maybe one day we will learn the importance of having sleeves.

          • matty says:

            Yeah if it’s hot as f*** out I’m going to go with no sleeves.

          • straps says:

            1. Flash protection/burn protection from secondary projectiles that an aramid weave CAN protect you from. 2. Topsoil in muj country is no joke–everything and everyone poops wherever they want. I’ve seen minor scrapes and cuts get way more inflamed than necessary. 3. Over time, melanoma becomes a thing. I’m of that age where my cohort has to go in and get stuff cut out of them now and again and it’s no damned fun.

            No doubt that these will sell–well–to people with the discretion to wear WTF they want. Me, I’m appreciative of my past mentors’ efforts to acclimate me to sleeves down.

            To each his own. ‘Merica.

          • JM Gavin says:

            When I was set on fire, I was glad that I had long sleeves…but I’m funny like that…

    • CJ says:

      I would agree that if you were operating from trucks with a high potential for IEDs or fires yes, same thing working with air assets. But for ruck based fighting, I would have cut off my sleeves given the chance. I think this is a decent idea for specific applications.

  4. Jason says:

    Gimmie a break…Airsofters didn’t even know what a combat shirt was when we were cutting the sleeves off of em in 2006.

  5. Timmay says:

    Joe the rifleman would find this handy at the carwash-the only place he can wear this-but he can’t afford it anyway.

    I’d prefer the 3/4 sleeve option too.

  6. Reklaw says:

    BEYOND is way to expensive for the quality. You can’t just come up in here trying to get more $$ than Crye Precision for a uniform.

    • mike says:

      Crye won’t offer you the shirt with an endless list of modifications you can apply before it ships. Unless, of course, you want a lot of them with the same mods.

  7. Chris K. says:

    Damn it, I (and probably 100 other people) thought of this awhile back for retail purposes, Beyond beating everyone to it. Now if some one would make an affordable priced version (simple version), that would be a top seller.

  8. BG says:

    just roll up your sleeves..

  9. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    $173! No way…get combat shirt…roll up sleeves or cut & sew sleeves.

    Problem solved.

  10. Bill says:

    Long sleeves can always be pulled up or let down. Short sleeves are always short. You loose even mundane things like sun and insect protection.

    • SSD says:

      I don’t think the guys who wear shirt sleeves care. They have sun screen , insect repellant and hair gel.
      Wear your long sleeve shirt. This obviously isn’t for you.

      • JP says:

        Because short sleeves = ELITE!(?) You’re a blogger now. It isn’t for you either.

        • SSD says:

          Hey there cupcake, I’m going to buy one for the range. It’s summer, short sleeves are in. They aren’t if you’re concerned about flame threats.

          As for “what’s for me” as a blogger. I spent yesterday shooting machine guns at SIG. I’m retired. I did my time. And now I’m going to write about kit. If you don’t think I’m qualified to write about gear because I’m retired now just stop reading gear blogs. If a guy who’s qualified in your eyes to write about gear is doing it, he’s not focusing on the mission and he’s violating a dozen ethics directives.

        • Jason says:

          I cut my sleeves off of my combat shirt in Helmand six months ago because it was 130 in the shade and I was doing half-day dismounted patrols. The only reason more guys didn’t do it was because they didnt want to pay for the shirts on eventual turn-in.

          There is a place for this, guys are damaging issued gear to create this effect. Beyond is just offering a solution.

  11. Chris K. says:

    Why are so many of you posting on here so damn negative on new items/ designs released? Especially on gear you have never even touched or laid eyes on in person. If you don’t want a short sleeve combat shirt, fine. There are plenty of people who do, especially for summer use, in summer, right now.

    • JP says:

      No one needs to see this in person to know it’s overpriced bullshit. Roll your damn sleeves up.

    • mike says:

      People feel like they have a valid opinion and by dissenting and asserting that a good item is bullshit that they will appear informed and in-the-know. Mostly it just makes people seem closed-minded and suffering from functional fixedness. The mark of an adaptive person is understanding there is a correct tool, or host of tools, for every job and that just because something doesn’t give you a boner doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for someone else.

      While I would prefer long sleeves (I’m a know-nothing civilian anyway) I can see the value in this shirt and Beyond makes great product. Seems simple to me.

  12. B says:

    Well I don’t have an issue with Beyond being as expensive as Crye as long as the gear is just as good. I know there are tier 1 units running Beyond, but I have never put my hands on the combat uniform. How does the Beyond compare to the G3 Crye?

    • Jason says:

      The quality is the same, it just fits differently. Beyond is a tighter fit than the G3 tops. Rolling the sleeves up on the PCU beyond uniforms is more constricting at the elbow in my opinion. Other’s experience may vary.

      • B says:

        Any experience with the mission pants vs the crye ?

        • Jason says:

          I like Crye better. The kneepad solution works better and I just like the fit and overall construction better. Again, my preference. We get Patagonia and Beyond PCU stuff, Crye just works better for me. The PCU stuff is well made and the materials are high quality.

  13. Devdoc says:

    Can I get one with a hood? I’ll try it out just because I CAN!
    Cupcake and the crew just hate cause they can, it all good that’s what we do. We’ve have been working on with BYND. Customer service is key to me.. Try getting one of the other companies to call you back. Let alone ship within 6 months. I agree quality is the same , fit is definitely different better in some, tighter elsewhere . Thanks SSD ..

  14. ODG says:

    Not sure what the fuss is all about, SOF units have been chopping sleeves off for a long while know. If you want long sleeves buy a combat shirt with long sleeves. I am exited about this it’ll will be great to wear on the range teaching classes on those real hot days. Great work Beyond!

    • SSD says:

      It’s the cold hard realization that the war is over and garrison rules. Nobody likes someone else to have nice things.