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Side By Side Look At Australian Camo

This photo depicts (top to bottom) the new Australian MultiCam Uniform print, Crye Precision MultiCam and the old Disruptive Pattern Combat Uniform print dating from the 80s.

Australian Camo

It’s a good depiction of how AMCU is a hybrid which uses the Australian MultiCam Print pattern geometry developed by Crye Precision but integrates some of the more traditional DPP/DPCU colors.


25 Responses to “Side By Side Look At Australian Camo”

  1. threeseven says:

    The GP Jacket in AMCU is pretty much the only issued piece of kit that isn’t complete shit. It’s not perfect, but it’s a whole lot better than what we had before. Good job Crossfire.

    The two-piece fleece inner and outer shell design has also led to hilarity as idiots try to come to terms with how it works, either wearing the liner like it’s a separate garment by itself or putting the liner half on and trying to cross the zips over, then staring at it like a dog trying to read.

    I’m hoping that AMCU/AusMulti Cordura is available soon so we can start getting aftermarket kit to match.

    • Chris M says:

      You will be waiting a long time. The pattern is held by the DOD for years before its freely available to aftermarket manufacturers.

      Straight from the horses mouth on this – both the two major Aus aftermarket players dont have rights to the pattern/material and intend to stick to plain multicam/AMP. Only stuff they will make in it is for Govt tender – ie issued kit. Expect AMP/MC to be in the mix for years to come. Lets just hope some enforceable directive is not put out making the AMCU the only option and stifling digger innovation and R&D.

  2. Devdoc says:

    Looks interesting …

    • steave says:

      Jacket is crap no thought into how this jacket should integrate with body armour and load carriage equipment , given that it is covered in bulky pockets and is closed via large smock style buttons, classic case of no end user consultation when putting this thing together.

  3. annamolly says:

    I must know where to purchase some.. new and old

  4. b_a says:

    The pattern repeat length looks extremely short.

  5. Dan says:

    Great… because fluoro green is well known for its camouflage properties…

  6. FLC says:

    I remember the old pattern refered to as ” Hearts, and Bunnies.”

  7. russel b says:

    Closed via large Smock style buttons? The jacket I have seen closes via a zip.

  8. Aidan a says:

    Once again having a uniform for what works in aus hence the bright greens topical ADF style of no end user opinions and buying for the big WW3 on aus soil instead of buying for the current/predicted conflict

    • Marcos says:

      Those bright greens are also common in European and American woodlands. I think camo designers are finally starting to see that bright greens make up a large part of the foliage in both tropical and temperate forests. The new Dutch pattern also has what they call “spring green”

      • Lawrence says:

        Indeed. PenCott-GreenZone uses a bright green and its like a frikkin invisibility cloak in woodland, jungle and open verdant terrain.

  9. Stryker Magnum says:

    If any of you Diggers aren’t satisfied with your new kit you can send it to me. 🙂

    • Ryan says:

      Or you can go to your local Army Disposals store and buy 99% of our kit off the shelf. Most of what we get issued today was issued to your new digger back when DPCU was first introduced.

      ‘New kit’ exists only to overseas deployment and most of that is forced to be handed back on return.

      • Stryker Magnum says:

        I’m in the USA. Do you know of any good websites where I could get kit in the original Auscam?

        • matty says:

          Platatac has some.

        • PLATATAC says:

          Check out our website Stryker and click on ‘auscam’ under the colours section we have a great deal of products in DPC including issued items.

          • Stryker Magnum says:

            Great website. I’ll be ordering some kit from you guys in the future. Don’t suppose you have any Auscam tops in an ACU cut?

  10. JBAR says:

    As much as I like camo, I do not see the use of this. They are using the same colors and smaller patterns. Everything happens at distances that will negate these smaller patterns and could even be seen as a step backwards. Then you have the deviation from your own unique camo. Have they studied the effectiveness these?

  11. Ryan says:

    Australia will never have a unified cam. We have too much money investing in multiple types of cam and kit to ever think of using one scheme anywhere except our limited overseas deployments.

    People who think the current DPCU packs, webbing, etc will be replaced for the average soldier are joking to themselves and need to wake up.

    Its not a big deal to have us looking like patchwork dolls here in Australia, we have noone to impress here.

  12. GW says:

    I think it’s funny the army rag is banging on about transferring to the new kit quickly when they have been making/buying kit in both Multicam and DPC very recently.

  13. Joe Nobody says:

    It’s funny how the new Aussie camo is more effective than the old stuff. Maybe the camo pattern really is important. *ehemm, PEO*

  14. Pok says:

    A whole bunch of pics. Most interesting ones are soldiers in full kit and multinational events.