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Sneak Peak – Unity Tactical – Low Profile VFG


Designed for use with both tubular rails and KeyMod, Unity Tactical’s Low Profile VFG is made for low profile integration with a weapon’s foreend. It comes with full mounting hardware for both tubular and KeyMod, and installs easily and securely to the weapon.


Here’s a size comparison between the Low Profile VFG and Bravo Company’s BCM Vertical Grip Short.


The model being shown is pre-production, so some changes will be made between this and the final product. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


12 Responses to “Sneak Peak – Unity Tactical – Low Profile VFG”

  1. mike says:

    It’s… it’s beautiful.

  2. jbgleason says:

    But does it require access from the backside to lock in place? That is the million dollar question.

  3. Seifer says:

    Too small. Now it’s handstop, not grip.

  4. bob says:

    I also remember they debuted a hand-stop similar to this at SHOT 2014. Any word on that one?

  5. For KeyMod installs it does NOT require access to the backside of the rail and comes with a Keymod nut and hardware.

    For Tubular Rail Installs (Troy TRX, MI, etc) a backer nut is included.

    The production model will have a reduced shine.

    It does look smaller, but was not intended as a full fledged “Broom Handle” grip. We feel it bridges the gap and augments a good cross section of shooting techniques. Please let us know if you have any questions.


  6. Andrew says:

    This looks perfect.

  7. Stephan says:

    I hope you guys have already started on an M-LOK version. Speaking of logical things, what ever happened to the Fusion rail system?

  8. We are working on an MLOK Version. No ETA at this time. The FUSION rail isn’t dead, just lower down in the queue at the moment. Thanks

  9. Luke says:

    I dig it. saves me having to cut the bottom half off myself.

  10. George says:

    So is it a handstop usable on an ar pistol. Or is it a no no.

  11. Aaron says:

    While the BCM KM VFG is closer to my heart due to the tool-less removal, it is nice seeing other companies coming up with more options for Keymod.