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U.S. Elite Gear – Oakley SI Fuel Cell LIMITED EDITION Cerakote Ultrablend Desert Sage Frame


U.S. Elite Gear is currently selling a limited edition Oakley SI Fuel Cell with a “Kryptek-like” Ultrablend Desert Sage Cerakote coat. The Black Iridum lenses exceed ANSI Z87.1 optical standards for impact protection, and provide 100% filtering of UVA, UVB, and UVC and harmful blue light up to 400 nm. The frame is made of stress-resistant O Matter material, painted and cured with Cerakote Generation II Firearm coating.


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7 Responses to “U.S. Elite Gear – Oakley SI Fuel Cell LIMITED EDITION Cerakote Ultrablend Desert Sage Frame”

  1. shenanigans says:

    “Kryptek-like”? Let’s try “ripoff-like”.

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    They’ve gone full lizard.

  3. Jason says:

    Looks more like when we paint our blasters with netting; which everyone under the sun has been doing since long before Kryptek existed.

    • darkhorse says:

      It’s apparent Jason, that “shenanigans” is more versed than you, me, OR the Oakley SI crew.. That’s why he was so quick to show his in depth knowledge and experience and tell everyone on SSD that Kryptek is being ripped off.

      Just FYI you little turd “shenanigans”… the Oakley SI team has been taking care of military guys longer than you’ve been playing Call of Duty in your mommy’s basement.

      So “shenanigans”… maybe before you imply that one company is ripping off another (on the internet which is a public forum) you just shut the fuck up next time.

      I am not an Oakley employee or representative.

      • Stefan S. says:

        Never go full retard shenanigans.

      • shenanigans says:

        I am a former employee of the U.S. Elite crew, I left the company earlier this year. I proposed to Oakley last year that they do a run of glasses in Kyrptek pattern. I even suggested that they use their larger frame glasses(specifically the Fuel Cell) to make sure that you could see the pattern on the glasses. (I still have the emails)

        Oakley replied they were not interested in doing this.

        Fast forward to SHOT and there they were. Kryptek Fuel Cells. Only they weren’t labeling them as Kryptek, they were calling them something else to avoid paying the Kryptek licensing fees, very similar to the Army and multicam….

        I wore numerous Oakley products when I was still active, and continue to this day. While they no doubt take care of service members, on this issue they are riding Kryptek’s popularity and dodging paying them royalties.

        So “darkhorse”… perhaps you continue not knowing what you are talking about.

        • darkhorse says:

          You’re a true visionary proposing such a great idea and all. Absolutely groundbreaking. Oakley should’ve hired you and given you a cut of all sales.

          Does Oakley avoid paying a licensing fee or royalty on the multicam eyewear they produce?

          Not only are they ripping off Kryptek, they’re short-changing YOU!

          I propose Oakley makes a version of fuel cell that has the text “sorry shenanigans” all over them. That way, the text will be large enough to read, and you’ll feel vindicated.