Crimson Trace Releases Two New Glock Exclusive Lasers

Crimson Trace LG-639G for Glock's Gen 3 Compact Pistols

Crimson Trace has expanded their line of laser lighting systems to include two new products for Glock compact semi-automatic pistols. The two new sights – the LG-639 red diode and LG-639G green diode – are designed to work specifically with the 3rd Gen Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, and 38 models. They utilize Crimson Trace’s patented Instinctive Activation on the rear of the grip as well as a master on/off switch. Each unit is easily adjusted for windage and elevation, and can be installed without the use of special gunsmithing tools. These two lasers join the recently released LG-443, which is designed specifically for the Glock 42.

Crimson Trace LG-639 for Glock Compact Pistols

The LG-639 and LG-639G are currently available in stores and on the Crimson Trace website.


2 Responses to “Crimson Trace Releases Two New Glock Exclusive Lasers”

  1. tcba_joe says:

    Still waiting on IR grips for the M&P…

  2. tazman66gt says:

    still waiting on grips for the Gen 4 21 and 30