Warrior Expo – Hodge Defense Systems Inc – AU Mod 2 Sneak Peek

This is Hodge Defense Systems’ first Warrior Expo. You’ve heard rumors of an upcoming AU Mod 2 and now we’re able to offer a first glimpse. You’ll notice a new upper and lower as well as handguard (shown in the white).

Hodge Defense Systems - AU Mod 2 Preview

In addition to a new receiver set, the Mod 2 features a new material. Hodge has been working with ALCOA Defense to introduce a new material into small arms development.

These should start with a soft launch in November with a major announcement at SHOT Show 2015.

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7 Responses to “Warrior Expo – Hodge Defense Systems Inc – AU Mod 2 Sneak Peek”

  1. wut says:

    What does AU stand for?

    • AV says:

      Archangel Uriel

      • kel says:

        AU is the symbol for gold, from the Latin, “aurum”. Clearly, this is a hint that the undisclosed material the AU-MOD 2 will be made of is PURE FREAKING GOLD.

        It’s a theory anyway.

  2. tackleberry says:

    Like, bucking the Keymod trend too?

  3. SMGLee says:

    Understanding is that Hosge Defense would explore both the Keymod and the M-Lok.

  4. vdmsr says:

    Hodge’s stuff is top notch.

  5. Brendan says:

    Mr. Hodge’s rifles are at the tip of the Spear and he purely puts 110% and then some. We appreciate you and the advantage you have provided us!!!!!!