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LBX Tactical Announces New Venture With Chris Costa – MAP System

Here’s a first look at LBX Tactical’s new project with Chris Costa, the Mission Adaptive Panel System.


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7 Responses to “LBX Tactical Announces New Venture With Chris Costa – MAP System”

  1. Zach says:

    I’m excited to see the different companies going to the panel or placard system.

  2. Fox says:

    Clever little set up. I am digging the grey color, and the integrated zipper pocket and hook and loop panel system on the carrier. The bag working with that system is pretty cool as well.

  3. Dog Off Leash says:

    Interesting kit; I’ll be curious to see it in person. As Zach said, I like that other companies are picking up the panel system.

    Oh and gorgeous Mal!

  4. Chris K. says:

    Placard/Panel trend is growing for sure. LBX – please make sure the elastic c-bund on this carrier is tough enough to keep the plates from bouncing around too much while running.

  5. Craig says:

    Like the idea…would like to see more “velcro-only” options,for carriers covered with loop velcro.
    At the moment, only BFG and their ‘Dappers’ for m4 and pistol are the only real viable solution.

    Not, however, a Chris Costa fanboy. LBT for the most part either.

  6. WG6 says:

    Huh…… Looks like similar to the Bag Haley Strategic just released. Huh…..Looks like the same chest rig Haley Strategic released as well . Huh………Looks the same Huh………. Imagine That . Huh……….

    • Tetsuo says:

      They’ve been showing this since Shot Show. The INCOG bag was first mentioned this month from what I can see. So by your logic: The HSP bag which was just recently announced and released looks like similar to the MAP which was formerly announced several months ago. It could just as easily be inferred that the HSP bag was a conceptual clone of the LBX bag and rushed to market.