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The Zev Technologies Experience – Parts Selection


In this second installment of our ongoing series demonstrating what it’s like to send your GLOCK in to have some work done by the folks at Zev Technologies. Last week, our Gen 3 G17 was checked in and a work order created. Now, they’ve selected the parts that will be used in this upgrade and placed them in the bin with the pistol to await farther work, later this week.


They’ve revealed to us that they’ll be replacing the following GLOCK factory parts with their Zev Technologies models.

Factory trigger group – Fulcrum Trigger

CNC Billet Aluminum trigger pad has an ergonomic shape with a wide flat face that is ideal for shooting with the pad of your trigger finger as opposed to the rounded face of the factory trigger. The trigger safety of the Fulcrum is 3x wider and more flush when depressed. Adjustable for pre and over travel. Offered in three different kit forms for the DIYer with six different color options seen above.

Factory Magazine Release – Extended Mag Release

CNC milled from aircraft grade aluminum and then hard anodized, it’s large enough that you can hit the magazine release without changing your grip. Available in Black or Silver.

Factory Slide lock lever – Extended Titanium Slide Lock

The Extended Titanium Slide Lock Bar locks up the slide tighter than the factory part, yet is easier to remove slide for cleaning and maintenance of your Glock.

Factory Sights – Combat Fiber Optic Sight Set

Consisting of front and rear pairs, the sights are machined from 304 billet stainless steel with black oxide finish. A wide .140″ race cut rear notch is matched with a narrow .105″ wide front sight for fast sight picture. Serrated to reduce reflection and glare. Front sight includes both a Red and Green fiber rod (Red rod comes pre-installed).

We are looking forward to seeing what’s next.


4 Responses to “The Zev Technologies Experience – Parts Selection”

  1. Timmay says:

    I have those exact sights on my 34, I think the front is too narrow. Also that thing is sharp as hell. Plan to replace with a Hackathorn style. I’ve been running fiber on the front for a few years and like it but I guess it’s astigmatism causing the dot to blur to the left. The rear is good although I prefer a U notch if running fiber out front.

    I tried one of their competition triggers, full kit with striker and plunger, and it was light and smooth, went back to stock though.

    This is personal pref stuff, quality of the parts was as good as I’ve seen.

  2. Invictus says:

    Man, if they had a ‘Bellringer’ package, that’d be the best homage ever.

  3. midgasfan says:

    Simple yet effective, as a Glock should be! Zev is really raising it’s profile in the Glock modification area and make great parts.

    I really like the choice of modifications chosen, apart from the magazine catch. Based on personal experience as both a Glock lover/shooter since 1991 and as an armorer from some years now, I’m not a fan of aluminum mag catches at all, no matter who they are made by. They flat wear out the catch slot in the magazine as they are plastic. Yes, I realize magazines are consumables but to wear them out prematurely is doing a disservice and a waste of money.

    Last month I was helping out at a Frank Proctor class when a students Gen 4 17 was having issues retaining magazines. The culprit? The aluminum magazine catch. It had chewed up the catch slot in 7 mags and they were only on their second class rotation, no where near the end of their life span.

    We swapped to Vickers catch and the same mags still worked and the gun again was able to retain the mags.

    Both myself and my part-time employee were having the same issue recently with chewing up mags so we swapped to a Gen 4 Vickers mag catches and no more problems or premature wear on the magazines.

    This is not putting down Zev or any other company but it makes sense to me to have a plastic magazine catch on a plastic magazine.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this project turns out!