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ZEV Technologies is proud to introduce the O.Z-9

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019


ZEV spent 12 years perfecting upgrade parts and full gun modifications for customers in the most demanding environments in the world. The guns they have built have won over 20 national and world championships and are in the hands of special operations forces around the globe. As they mastered their craft, they dreamed about building their own pistol.

Alec Wolf, CTO / Founder of ZEV Technologies, said, “Today I am so excited to show the world the O.Z-9. After dreaming about this for 12 years it’s great to finally see this project come to fruition”

The O.Z-9 has the accuracy, control and balance of a 1911, the reliability of a striker fired pistol, and is fully modular, allowing for grip changes and compatibility with Glock and ZEV parts.

Matt Ridenour, CEO of ZEV Technologies, shared, “ZEV is committed to leadership in innovation and performance, so we invest heavily in design and engineering.   With OZ9 we’re confident that we are resetting the bar for high performance pistols.”


The O.Z-9 feels and performs better because of the improved grip angle and increased rigidity of the internal steel receiver.

  • Less felt recoil
  • Better balance
  • Faster target acquisition
  • More control
  • OZ9-STD-B-B_5

    The O.Z-9 is modular. The internal steel receiver allows for an interchangeable grip, and all other parts are fully compatible with Glock and ZEV components.

  • Change out grips for different shooting conditions, sizes, colors, textures, or with blank grips to do your own grip work
  • Use your Glock magazines
  • The O.Z-9 is tested. The O.Z-9 has gone through 3 years of testing and revision with over 500,000 rounds fired. It has met or exceeded various aspects of the U.S. Army TOP (Test Operations Procedure) for small arms, SAAMI, and California Department of Justice protocols for safety, reliability, and environmental testing, and is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

    ZEV Technologies PRO Flat Face Trigger

    Friday, November 2nd, 2018

    ZEV Technologies, known for creating the market for GLOCK upgrade triggers, announced the release of their PRO Flat Face Trigger. The new trigger incorporates a number of ZEV’s proprietary features including ZEV’s trigger bar, connector and riveted assembly process.

    “This trigger represents the culmination of years of effort. We obviously recognize the popularity of flat faced triggers, but we took our time getting ours to market because we wanted more than just a different look. We wanted a trigger that really reset the bar for high performance triggers. This trigger puts all of our years of research and innovation together,” stated Matt Ridenour, CEO.

    Dave Roberts, VP of Marketing, expanded on the benefits of the trigger, “At the end of the day, all other trigger upgrades on the market re-use the Glock factory trigger bar, the most important component in a trigger. We invested years and a lot of money developing our own trigger bar in the continuing effort to really differentiate the ZEV trigger. We believe shooters will feel the crispness of the break and the consistency of the trigger pull and reset. These things make shooters better and tighten up groupings”.

    ZEVs trigger line now includes both flat and curved faced triggers for most Glock models.

    Key features include:
    • Wider trigger pad and safety for improved user engagement
    • Drop-in installation
    • Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum construction
    • Proprietary ZEV Trigger Bar and ZEV Pro Connector
    • Riveted trigger assembly



    ZEV Technologies Small Frame

    Monday, October 1st, 2018

    ZEV Technologies is proud to announce the much-anticipated release of their Small Frame rifle. With over three years in development and thousands of rounds of rigorous testing, the ZEV Small Frame rifle has finally been perfected and ready for market.


    Designed with the firepower of a large frame caliber in an AR15 sized package, the ZEV Small Frame delivers long range capability at a fraction of the size of its larger counterpart. Chambered in the popular 6.5 Creedmoor, with ballistic advantages over the .308 when shooting longer distances, this rifle is a perfect choice for both hunting and PSR style shooting when reaching out farther matters to you.


    Never one to follow, ZEV Technologies decided on a different approach to the Small Frame. As VP of Marketing, Dave Roberts puts it “Creating a large caliber, small frame rifle was not good enough for ZEV. Others have been in development for years but had not yet come to market. We wanted a rifle that was not just smaller and lighter, but one that would go the distance. As in 1,000+ yards distance, consistently and reliably. One that would stand out from the others. We went back to the drawing board many times before getting it right. We are confident that the ZEV Small Frame is second to none.”


    Manufactured from the same high-quality billet 7075-T651 aluminum offered in their billet line of receiver sets and rifles, the impeccable quality and finish work is apparent down to the smallest detail. The free-floating extended length hand guard installs directly to the integrated rail base on the upper receiver to enhance rigidity and gives the rifle a unique, streamlined profile. A custom 20” 416R stainless steel fluted heavy barrel by Noveske is topped off with a SureFire muzzle break for added recoil reduction, while a custom tuned gas and buffer system keeps the rifle cycling smoothly, ejecting spent rounds consistently and aids with recoil reduction. Ambidextrous operating controls for the safety selector, bolt release, magazine release and slide lock charging handle make this rifle shooter friendly. Featuring a ZEV exclusive flat face AR Gold trigger in sniper gray, outfitted with Magpul furniture and 20 round PMAG, the only thing missing is your optic.

    The ZEV Small Frame is available now on their website and through their network of distributors.



    Last Chance To Get A ZEV-Winkler Knife

    Friday, September 21st, 2018

    Earlier this year, ZEV Technologies teamed with Winkler Knives to introduce a limited run of 100 sheath Knives. We’ve been following this and there are only a handful left.

    The 4-1/4” blade is made from 80CrV2 steel, coated in black oxide and features a sculpted G10 curved handle, for an overall length of 8-3/8”. Additionally, the blade features thumb index file work on top of the blade. The final detail is the Kydex sheath featuring a contrasting overlay in ZEV’s iconic red and black color scheme.

    Knife Specifications:
    • Blade steel: 80CrV2
    • Black oxide no-glare finish
    • Blade length: 4 1/4?
    • Overall length: 8 3/8?
    • Blade thickness: 3/16?
    • Skeletonized, full tapered tang
    • Thumb index file work

    • Red and Black Kydex® featuring ZEV slashes
    • Spring steel, belt clip that can be mounted on either side of the sheath in both vertical or horizontal positions

    This is it, once they are gone, they are gone. They won’t make any more.


    Final Fifty ZEV-Winkler Knives Now Available  

    Monday, September 3rd, 2018

    For anyone that missed out on adding one of these spectacular ZEV-Winkler collaboration knives to their kit, now is your chance. ZEV Technologies teamed up with Winkler Knives to create a unique, custom limited-edition, personal defense knife suitable for everyday carry.


    With a total of 100 produced, this second and final batch of 50 is sure to sell out

    The 4-1/4” blade is made from 80CrV2 steel, coated in black oxide and features a sculpted G10 curved handle, for an overall length of 8-3/8”. Additionally, the blade features thumb index file work on top of the blade. The final detail is the Kydex sheath featuring a contrasting overlay in ZEV’s iconic red and black color scheme.


    Knife Specifications:
    • Blade steel: 80CrV2
    • Black oxide no-glare finish
    • Blade length: 4 1/4″
    • Overall length: 8 3/8″
    • Blade thickness: 3/16″
    • Skeletonized, full tapered tang
    • Thumb index file work


    • Red and Black Kydex® featuring ZEV slashes
    • Spring steel, belt clip that can be mounted on either side of the sheath in both vertical or horizontal positions


    ZEV Technologies Gen5 Compact PRO Magwell

    Friday, August 31st, 2018

    ZEV Gen5 PRO Magwell_1

    Known for its high quality, precision crafted Glock upgrade components, ZEV Technologies has once again added to its growing catalog of Gen5 offerings with the introduction of the PRO Magwell designed for the compact G19 Gen5 model. The PRO Magwell, a slimmed down version of its big brother the PRO Plus Magwell, is suitable for concealed carry with little to no added imprinting. The slightly flared base is wider than the stock opening, which is ideal for quickly inserting the magazine in the pistol during reloads, helping build proper muscle memory for improved consistency and reload time.

    ZEV Gen5 PRO Magwell_3

    The ZEV Technologies PRO Magwell is a great addition for any shooter looking for an edge without the bulk flared competition style magwell. The one-piece design facilitates easy installation and utilizes a single attachment screw to securely mount to the Glock frame while retaining a low profile.

    ZEV Gen5 PRO Magwell_6

  • Designed and tested for compatibility with standard capacity factory magazines
  • One piece 6061 aluminum design
  • Type III anodized finish
  • Kit includes magwell body, mounting screw, and wrench
  • NOTE: Back straps may need to be modified if used.

    To Purchase:



    ZEV Technologies – The Longshot Slide for G34

    Friday, August 24th, 2018




    ZEV Technologies has unlocked the archives, and brought back their popular slide cut “The Longshot” for an extremely limited run of just 25 slides. This special small batch is limited to the Glock® 34 Gen3 model with a DPP cut in black DLC coating. Included is the DPP adapter plate for those wishing to run iron sites.

    The classic styling of the Longshot laid the foundation for ZEV’s current Dragonfly slide. The addition of the front serrations makes this slide easy to grip and manipulate. This special release is only available for purchase on ZEV’s website.  Don’t miss your opportunity to grab this popular and very rare find.

    To purchase the Longshot, visit:

    ZEV Technologies, Unveils Second Release in Series of Limited-Edition Custom Glock Slides

    Friday, June 29th, 2018

    Their latest release, the Raven, is offered in both Gen 3 and Gen 4 models for the Glock 19 platform. This one-of-a kind slide coated in black diamond-like carbon (DLC) features chevron styled serrations on top that continue down the sides for an improved grip surface. Front side windows complete the unique, aggressive shape of this slide.

    Each slide is numbered out of 250. Production numbers are limited to 250 for each version offered, with a combined total of 500 produced. The first 25 of each version is available now directly through our website and the rest can be found through ZEV’s dealer network across the USA.

    To purchase the Raven, visit: www.zevtechnologies.com/raven