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ZEV Technologies Gen5 Compact PRO Magwell

ZEV Gen5 PRO Magwell_1

Known for its high quality, precision crafted Glock upgrade components, ZEV Technologies has once again added to its growing catalog of Gen5 offerings with the introduction of the PRO Magwell designed for the compact G19 Gen5 model. The PRO Magwell, a slimmed down version of its big brother the PRO Plus Magwell, is suitable for concealed carry with little to no added imprinting. The slightly flared base is wider than the stock opening, which is ideal for quickly inserting the magazine in the pistol during reloads, helping build proper muscle memory for improved consistency and reload time.

ZEV Gen5 PRO Magwell_3

The ZEV Technologies PRO Magwell is a great addition for any shooter looking for an edge without the bulk flared competition style magwell. The one-piece design facilitates easy installation and utilizes a single attachment screw to securely mount to the Glock frame while retaining a low profile.

ZEV Gen5 PRO Magwell_6

  • Designed and tested for compatibility with standard capacity factory magazines
  • One piece 6061 aluminum design
  • Type III anodized finish
  • Kit includes magwell body, mounting screw, and wrench
  • NOTE: Back straps may need to be modified if used.

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    3 Responses to “ZEV Technologies Gen5 Compact PRO Magwell”

    1. Kyle Kata says:

      Clown Shoes move to run a magwell and factory baseplates. Seems real cool until you need to strip a magazine out.

      • mike says:

        I’d venture to guess they sell know that, but would like to show a potential buyer that the magwell still allows the use of stock baseplates in a pinch. I find that using stock baseplates on a higher capacity magazine is less clownshoes that buying an expensive extended nameplate, but we’re just two guys who dont matter chatting on the internet. Zev has this under control.

      • Pat says:

        There’s clearly room to strip a mag from the front of the baseplate