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Air Force Paratroopers Place 3rd at Rhode Island LeapFest

As a retired USAF Paratrooper, I am always proud to see my fellow jumpers in blue do well. Love those OCP uniforms. Let’s see the rest of the Air Force swap over as well. Congratulations!

According to the TACP Association, members of the 18th ASOG, 18th WX squadron (and one TACP) placed 3rd (out of 55 American and international teams) at last weekend’s annual International jump competition in Rhode Island. They made four total jumps with static line chutes and were graded on accuracy and time.

They missed second place by 4 seconds, and first place by 9 seconds.


(Pictured: MSgt Misiak, TSgt Allen, SSgt Romero-Napolitano, MSgt Williams. Photo from TACP Association)

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11 Responses to “Air Force Paratroopers Place 3rd at Rhode Island LeapFest”

  1. Ronin says:

    Who was first? 19th SFG Utah Army National Guard?

  2. Mike Nomad says:

    Looking at the individual times… Did everybody go with only one jump because of that < 1 sec. time, or have they just not posted the second time yet?

  3. Attack Company 1/75 says:

    I remember my team placing 3rd place at Leap Fest back in the mid 90’s. Good times.

  4. Will says:

    Winning in a static line parachute competition is kinda like winning in the special olympics.

    • Angry Misha says:

      Really Will? Did you just denigrate a competition designed to bring paratroopers from all over the globe to promote camaraderie? You’re an ass. Have you ever competed in a Leapfest? Do you know what it entails? Do you know that most of the participants are also MFF qualified? Comparing Leapfest to a competition that uses highly maneuverable ram air “accuracy canopies” to low performance rounds is like talking smack about kids racing soap box derby and comparing them to NASCAR.

      And cue the internet tough guy response in 3, 2….

      • Matthew says:

        Well said. I guess there’d also be a problem for Will if we were talking about an international military chefs cooking competition. It might not be deemed the most glamorous ‘cool guy’ thing, but the purposes behind it are important nonetheless.

  5. patrulje says:

    We used to send a competitive team and a beer team. This is where I learned not to get involved in a food fight when they are serving either baked potatoes or lobster.

  6. Alan says:


    Are you even Airborne?