Hill People Gear Website Upgrade

Hill People Gear has just announced some improvements to their website, including product display and how they now process payments. You can read the full release below.

HPG Website

This summer, we decided it was time to focus our energy on a significant upgrade to our web infrastructure. In addition to a completely new backend and updated look (that is more mobile device friendly), we’ve added three big improvements.

The HPG equipage taxonomy (hillpeoplegear.com/Equipage/tabid/1197/Default) is a systematic approach to thinking about backcountry living systems — what you need to carry and when. For seasoned backcountry travelers, it may serve as nothing more than a way of understanding under which circumstances each piece of gear we offer is most useful. For everyone else, we hope it serves as a good introduction to their own integration with a backcountry or austere environment – regardless of whether they ever buy a stitch of gear from us.

Our product catalog (hillpeoplegear.com/Products/tabid/762/Default) is much streamlined with a number of filter options, product attributes, and a product comparison feature. This allows customers to easily determine which of our products go with which, which of the equipage levels they are most appropriate for, and exact weights among other things.

We now accept credit card payments through McMillan Merchant Services (www.mmsllc.com). MMC is a payment processor that was started specifically as a pro 2nd amendment choice in the face of so many anti-constitutional banking practices. We’re proud to support the McMillan family in their effort to develop an independent pro-constitution financial infrastructure. PayPal is still available as a trusted 3rd party payment option for customers who are more comfortable using that.

We invite anyone interested in backcountry travel to take advantage of the many free resources available on our website and hope they’ll consider our gear when outfitting themselves.



5 Responses to “Hill People Gear Website Upgrade”

  1. DI says:

    Scot and Evan are two of the greatest guys you could ever meet!
    They make fantastic kit!

  2. John says:

    I concur. Great kit by guys that actually use what they sell!

  3. cj says:

    just bought their runner’s kit bag yesterday, it shipped before i even left work. thanks for thr fast turnaround guys!

    i hope this will be the answer to my carry-while-running problems, i trail run a lot and always have my wife and dogs with me, so i like to carry, but haven’t found a sustainable method yet beyond carrying it (no round in chamber, not the preferred method) in an old dump pouch i had laying around. not the most practical set up.

    cant wait to get my hands on it!!!

  4. Hill People Gears stuff is top notch.

  5. AlexC says:

    I really like the fact that although their stuff is very useful to the military/LE community their website isn’t plastered with words like ‘tactical’ or “Operator”. It’s got great balance.