PowerTraveller Military Catalog

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Check out this catalog from PowerTraveller showing off their military line, including the SolarGorilla and PowerGorilla.


4 Responses to “PowerTraveller Military Catalog”

  1. DSM says:

    Love the Power Traveller gear. Picked up one of their Solar Monkey military kits awhile back and it’s good kit to have. You can leave the battery charged for long periods of time with minimal loss of charge. A good summer’s day in the sun will give you better than 50-75% charge. Plenty of adapters but most junk now plugs into a USB so not really needed. I even spliced my own charging cord for some personal two-way Motorola DTR radios. The Goal Zero accessories are mostly compatible like LED lights and such as well.

  2. threeseven says:

    The number of products they make is a bit overwhelming – if you wanted something rugged to carry around in the field to charge smartphones all you’d need is the PowerMonkey Extreme right? It seems to come with all the adapters and such.

    Their website doesn’t even list any of the military stuff.

    • DSM says:

      Extreme Outfitters carries their military stuff. You can usually catch a 5-10% off sale too. But yeah, the PowerMonkey will do what you need and since most phones have a USB charger you can stow the adapters, they’re not really needed.

  3. Dellis says:

    Yes….All you need is the Extreme. It works great, keeps a charge for up to a year at right around 70%.

    It has saved my butt in many ways, not just a power source, but the vast array of connectors they outfit that thing with is impressive!