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EJ Snyder Featured In American Survival Guide

Who remembers American Survival Guide from the 1980s? It enjoyed a long run thanks to the survivalist movement that had sprung up. When the economy improved in the 90s, it was gone but it has found a new lease on life due to the rise of the prepper community.


You may have heard of EJ Snyder from his two appearances on the Discovery Channel show “Naked and Afraid” as well as other TV appearances. Some of you may know him from his 25 years of military service as he retired as a Sergeant Major from the US Army.


In the latest issue of American Survival Guide, EJ shares his top 10 tips for staying alive. He isn’t all Hollywood. EJ is an instructor at the US Army’s SERE school at Ft Bragg. While it might be old hat for some, it’s worth a read.

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4 Responses to “EJ Snyder Featured In American Survival Guide”

  1. Mishka says:

    Is this the loser that got a thorn in his foot and pussed out halfway through on Naked and Afraid? Some survival expert. He couldn’t figure out how to make some damn shoes. It’s Africa, for crying out loud. The chick on that show completely carried him. All he did was lay about and whine. Totally not impressed.

    • EJ Snyder says:


      Thx for watching the show, but I never quit nor did I complain. Obviuosly your small mind only sees what a TV Editor wants and that’s fine. You also know nothing about the African Plains of Tanzania for if you did, you’d know during the dry season on the lower level, nothing is pliable or conducive for shoe making. They push the water deep down into there roots for storage and spare use to make it thru the dry season, the bark is brittle and dry.not til reaching the water holes, did the trees there lend themselves to proper shoe construction. We made well over fourteen pairs of shoes. The acacia thorn that pierced my foot deep broke off an inch in, I was going to carterize it but the Producers didn’t like my strategy so they stepped in, not my choice. guess youd rather me dead.

      I was asked back to conquer the Amazon after three folks quit, sorry didn’t see your name on the manifest. You should probably check a person out before you comment on them, arm chair. I wish you well.


  2. Wake27 says:

    Looks just like Recoil, they must’ve been the ones to pick it up.