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Legion Firearms Updates Their Status (It’s Not Good)

Due to a technical error, this post was momentarily deleted, but it has now been restored.

Yesterday, troubled Legion Firearms posted this statement to their Facebook page. At this point, we are no longer in contact with them so we can’t clarify anything they’ve said.

Many of you have been waiting patiently for Legion products and we want nothing more than to deliver them to each and everyone of you. Unfortunately the mayhem of 2013 cost us dearly. Last November we released a press statement explaining why we were so behind in our delivery schedule and what was happening at Legion Firearms. Here’s an excerpt from that press release:

After the tragedy in Connecticut the landscape of the market changed drastically. More people bought semi automatic weapons than ever before. Dealers couldn’t keep product on the shelf. It was a fever without cure.

“For those of us in the industry it created huge challenges over night. Parts we had expected early in 2013 became delayed. Small parts, Bolt Carrier Groups, triggers, all dried up. The larger manufacturers were able to increase supply for their direct customers, but small customers like Legion Firearms ended up at the back of the line. We simply couldn’t compete with the big guys who could place a PO for 200,000 BCG’s with ease. We did whatever we could to keep shipping rifles and pistols, but we were no where near able to meet demand.

To make matters worse, our barrel manufacturer suffered a huge blow as their facility was reclaimed by the government forcing them to move at the worst possible time. Orders we literally expected in January didn’t begin arriving until August. After hex fluting and cryo treating the barrels we discovered a new problem: they were not up to Legion’s accuracy standards. This was incredibly demoralizing for us and for many of our customers who had been waiting patiently, some as long as a year.

Some of our staff suffered physically from the stress and setbacks, and we lost team members we loved. Our communication with customers suffered as well, as did our relationships with vendors and creditors.”

While circumstances in the firearms industry have improved, and we were able to fix our supply chain issues, the setbacks we encountered cost us dearly. Both in real expenses and opportunity costs.

Operating expenses, staff and rent ate away at our cash reserves, and we have been unable to secure outside investors to move forward.

This last month has been the most difficult of all. Our bank has called in our note and ordered us to liquidate inventory. They hold a UCC lien on all or our assets, which means we are in dire financial trouble.

We’re hoping this isn’t the end for those of us that dared to dream of a better way to build guns. However, for us to keep operating and deliver our products we need to find outside capital. We are seeking anybody who can invest in Legion Firearms, or an individual or company who is interested in acquiring Legion Firearms. Short of that, we won’t survive. The last thing we want is failure to to deliver on our customers’ orders, so we’re hopeful we can find the capital to move forward.

We are open to any reasonable solution to solving our cash problems and keep Legion alive. So many of us have put literally everything we have into making this dream happen, and none of us want to see it end. If you or someone you know is interested and in acquiring Legion Firearms please contact Help us STAY IN THE FIGHT™

In the interim we have only been able to answer limited phone calls and product requests. We’ll keep you updated as things progress, but it’s simply impossible for me to work on the sale of Legion Firearms, make a living, and answer everyone’s inquiries. I’m sorry we can’t do more. We will update everyone as things progress.


16 Responses to “Legion Firearms Updates Their Status (It’s Not Good)”

  1. Eflei says:

    Ask Dan Bilzerian!

  2. SRez says:

    I hear a lot of excuses here… a good company would not let it go this far. Time to deliver on promises, or return the money.

    • Larry says:

      I contacted my credit card company regarding the fraud and they will refund my money. Hope this helps.

  3. Carl says:

    Doesn’t fix that I still lack a rifle or my $2400 back… Still love looking at all of the other firearms I could buy nowadays with that money.

  4. Paul says:

    I managed to get my deposit back via my credit card company’s fraud protection, but been asking for the parts I sent to them to complete my rifle (stock, pistol grip, tritium sights, flash suppressor, etc.) back and true to form, they will not answer up. Truly a shame.

  5. martin nielsen says:

    It’s been 20 months with only one phone call, when I asked for a refund a year ago!. When I was finally told you didn’t have the money then! You lowered the price of my rifle $200.00, but what good does that do at this point!

    I will never see my rifle and my money is lost……..

    Several of my friends ordered rifles after me…..same thing.

    Your statement reads like pure BS too…..tons of other smaller AR manufactures have their shit together and can deliver.

    You could have made updates to your social media, emailed back, called etc…nothing to keep us notified.

  6. Mike says:

    Sounds like they are putting the blame for their failures on everyone else.

  7. Bob says:

    An example of a company with great products but poor business management?

  8. brian says:

    I was looking in a magazine guns and ammo I found seat covers but you web site I cant find any seat covers or sizes or prices I cannot get around on your web site I like the picture in the magazine of the seat covers but cant find them on your web…….

  9. Jeremy says:

    Looks like a company that lacks good management. Any company that keeps a customers money beyond the original delivery date and doesn’t immediately return the money when requested lacks integrity and needs to close.

  10. Adam says:

    I feel terrible for all these guys who busted their asses to get money to buy their favorite firearms, then got cheated. What a disaster. I can be objective, because I didn’t give them my money, but I was (this close) to buying a hex fluted barrel back then, so glad I didn’t. It’s hard to lose a business, but I agree with Jeremy, no integrity and they were back peddling the whole time everyone was waiting for products. They were probably paying vendors and their staff with customers payments…that’s disgraceful.

  11. joe_momma says:

    so wheres the money Legion? sounds like robbing peter to pay paul

  12. Larry says:

    I contacted my credit card company regarding the fraud and they will refund my money. Hope this helps.

  13. xmattx says:

    What idiot would buy a company with an absolutely horrible reputation?