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Beyond Clothing – Burrito Rolling

Beyond Clothing made up this informative video on Burrito Rolling, also known as Ranger Rolling. Burrito Rolling is a space saving packing technique that makes it easier to dig through a pack without making a cluttered mess of the contents, while allowing for packing more items or using a smaller pack. Definitely worth a look.



4 Responses to “Beyond Clothing – Burrito Rolling”

  1. Lasse says:

    I have total control over step 5 and 6, but the other steps are most likely to be solved with a compression sack instead.

  2. sabasarge says:

    Been packing this way for years. Glad to see somebody catching up 😉

    • Mike Nomad says:

      No kidding. This was the Navy Way in boot camp 30+ years ago, now with a tuck added. Glad to see the math still works.

  3. AbnMedOps says:

    I kinda-sorta pack this way, but only if time permits a deliberate packing. Otherwise it’s the tried and true stuff in a bunch of stuff technique.

    But I do like the Vitamin R endorsement – couldn’t have got through high school without it!