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Platatac – Mountain Shawl Collar


This is really cool. Platatac’s Mountain Shawl Collar is a heavyweight fleece top is designed to be worn as a comfortable and warm layer. It features thumb loops at the cuffs, a tube style front hand pocket, and taped buttons at the collar and an elasticized waist to trap heat. The ‘shawl’ style collar, from which the garment gets its name, can be fliped up to provide additional protection from the elements.

Available in Black, Brown, Khaki, Lime Green, and Navy in sizes SM – XL. Made in Australia.



9 Responses to “Platatac – Mountain Shawl Collar”

  1. Taylor says:


  2. EzGoingKev says:

    Looks nice. Do they have any distributers in the US?

    • derp says:

      looks mainly like they don’t from what I can find (I very well could be wrong), but $40 shipping for direct buys are not doing them any favors. Wanted to get one of their belts and it jumped from double digits to triple

    • Mandaloin says:

      No, but I recently placed an order with them and international shipping came out to $20.

  3. PLATATAC says:

    Hi guys,

    We do not charge $40 for shipping. Our flat shipping rate is $25 for overseas purchases.

    Feel free to shoot us an email at platatac@platypusoutdoors.com.au for more info


    Team Plat

    • Chris U'5 says:

      Good news on shipping costs.
      These look really cosy (a Scottish word for warm and comfortable :))
      Best of luck to Team Plat, Melbourne is a fantastic place!

  4. PLATATAC says:

    Further to what one of my colleagues said I thought it would be worth pointing out for us to post to the US postage starts at $29.70 via Australia post for a 500 gram to 1kg parcel.

    We use a flat postage rate to the states, which for you means if you order 10kg of products you still only pay $25.00 AUD.

  5. Philip says:

    This looks great, might have to break down and get one. I ordered one of their windproof smocks a couple years ago on clearance. Very friendly bunch of folks handled my order. Very well-made, durable garment.