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Maybe The Army Should Take A Look At MultiDoge

Just in case that whole Scorpion thing with printers blows up in their face, I suggest PEO Soldier take a hard look at MultiDoge as a backup plan.



46 Responses to “Maybe The Army Should Take A Look At MultiDoge”

  1. threeseven says:

    Very concealment.

  2. Colin says:

    such camouflage

  3. CapnTroy says:


  4. 10thMountainMan says:

    I’ll still take it over UCP.

  5. Dan says:

    I’ll be waiting for Fawn Pug Multidoge to be released.

  6. Max says:

    Awesome perfect for every environment ! 😀

  7. Jim Shootability Clark says:

    Westminster edition.

  8. Matt says:

    More proof of how nearly anything is better than UCP…

  9. AAAA says:

    much concealment

  10. Chuck says:

    Very Multi. Such Cam. Wow.

  11. Michael says:

    This is a perfect example of why Al Gore invented the internet.

    Much pattern. So hide. Many non-UCP. Such amaze.


  12. Mike Nomad says:

    Definitely The Cat’s Meow. Will MultiDoge be available in Wolf Grey?

    • SilverDragon says:

      DUDE, I’m waiting for the BENGAL TIGER camo pattern to come out so I give people the tiger look.

  13. Lcon says:

    Let slip the Dogs of War? a few years back there was a joke Seal cam with seals for the desert and I will never forget the most logical of Vulcan woodland pattern with Spock

  14. Luke says:

    I’d be curious what they use for a temperate pattern.

  15. jjj0309 says:

    Meh, I’ll just stick with my L-Cats.

  16. Jeremy says:

    Can’t wait to see the Arctic version made with Huskies

  17. Ronald McVan says:

    I think they’re “Barking up the wrong tree” with this approach.

  18. Ex Coelis says:

    *wuff* I mean *woof*! Felines everywhere, beware: this could be THE ultimate in canine tactical concealment… ‘Ol Blue the Bloodhound says “Can’t wait to see the Arctic and Tropical versions”!!

  19. armypa82 says:

    “So I have this buddy in SF that says that MultiDoge is what all the operators swear by. So I’m wearing it right now while playing World of Warcraft, but my mom can still see me! Once I go finish Ranger / Sapper / Sniper / SERE / HALO / SF school, I am so moving outta here. In the meantime, it’s time for another Monster run.”

  20. Cockpitbull says:

    They really screwed the pooch.

  21. joe says:

    Kyptacat is better. The army’s lolcat in a animated GIF test proved it.

  22. Cueball95 says:

    Hate to go ad nausium on this but speaking of camo any news about the analog v digital bookend tests?

  23. Scathsealgaire says:

    Needs more Malamute.

  24. straps says:

    Smells HORRIBLE when wet.

  25. james says:

    gotts say it…

    Who , who who let the dogs out?

    sorry… perhaps developed for the K9 operator?

  26. FormerDirtDart says:

    Great, but what happens when…