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Platatac – Helium Whisper Backed Pouches


Platatac has released a series of pouches with BFG Helium Whisper backers, offering a weight reduction of up to 60% versus traditional pouches. Currently, Platatac is offering magazine, medical, GPS pouches, and their popular KS pouch, with the Helium Whisper backers. Platatac plans to expand their HW line including radio, frag, and admin pouches in the near future.

Platatac pouches are made in Australia.


One Response to “Platatac – Helium Whisper Backed Pouches”

  1. regularguy says:

    Big fan of the helium whisper products, got an accessory pouch in multicam, and a triple rifle mag and pistol pouch in aor1 with helium whisper. Really appreciate not having to fuss with old used equipment where the snap buttons at the end refuse to click together or aren’t properly lining up.