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AustriAlpin Introduces New Buckle Colors

This is very cool news from AustriAlpin regarding the introduction Of new powder coated colors. Thanks to the guys at Tactical Trim for passing this on to us.

After a development period of 8 months, the big day has finally arrived. AustriAlpin proudly presents the new powder-coated color range of the patented COBRA quick release buckle! The buckle color options of Sand, Coyote Brown, Tan 499, Foliage Green, Elephant Grey, Wolf Grey, White and Signal Orange will all now be finished with a new powder coating process. Buckles in the Black, Matte Black, Titanium Blue and Polished Metal will remain anodized and polished.

Why change? Why not stay with anodizing?

Our dedication to extremely high quality standards is the basis of the trust our customers put in us. Using the anodizing process it was very difficult and sometimes impossible to meet these high quality standards – especially with lighter tones and brighter colors we could not meet the color-match requirements, and the results were also often inconsistent.

Meanwhile, all over the world people are working on developing the best camouflage designs for their respective environments. In order to harmonize with these new camo designs and patterns, all accessories and trims should match the camo colors as perfectly as possible.

Why powder coating?

Powder coating guarantees a consistent and perfectly-even result so that all pieces will match the color standard all of the time.

The powder coating is also very durable and highly resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation. During the ISO cross-cut test for paint adhesion, the achieved rating was 0, which is the best possible test result.

The new color series is in production now; however, it will take until the end of 2014 to fully stock all models in every color.


14 Responses to “AustriAlpin Introduces New Buckle Colors”

  1. Dev says:

    Are they manufacturing 2 separate lines or completely replacing anodising with powder coating?

    • Tacticaltrim says:

      After old stock (anodized hardware) is sold, all new stock will be powder coated.

      Please note: Buckles in Black, Matte Black, Titanium Blue and Polished Metal will remain anodized and polished.

      • Haji says:

        Our last two shipments of coyote brown buckles have been the new powder coated ones, which look great. It’s probably safe to say that the majority of buckles that will be powder coated instead of anodized have already been replaced.

  2. GMK says:

    “Buckles in the Black, Matte Black, Titanium Blue and Polished Metal will remain anodized and polished.”

  3. Were very disappointed with this move by AustriAlpin and have discussed it with them at length.

    The first few powder coated samples that we received looked like they were painted by a child – they were returned.

    We will be changing our options on our present belts to accommodate these changes.

    I think that this is a big mistake on behalf of AustriAlpin who have built a reputation with a great product, onlt to then change it.

    Alex & Team
    Intelligent Armour Limited

    • Tacticaltrim says:

      The pre-production samples and prototypes were not up to par, that is correct. But that is rarely the case when you are trying something new.

      However, AustriAlpin of course noted these points and has learned from these first runs. The manufacturing process has been improved greatly since and the coating + etching are really much better now.

      You should have received a sample package these days, with the color codes etched onto the frames. You’ll see there that everything is in excellent condition.

      • 215 Gear says:

        Since our founding in 2007, we have had the pleasure to work closely with AA on many products. When we received our samples for testing, we were thoroughly pleased with not only the appearance but durability. This will be a better move for everyone, as AA will have a closer hold over QC of this coating over the third party anodizing. We will be the first to implement the new buckles in our line, as we can attest to the durability of the new models. AA always strives for perfection, this move is another step in the right direction.

        • Durability?? The ones that we sent back were chipped on arrival.

          This move by AA is not welcome and was only driven by cost saving so I have been told. Too much waste in the anodizing process due to non uniform results.

          • Tacticaltrim says:

            Cost saving was definitely not the driving factor behind this move, but coloring inconsistencies in the old process.

            When anodizing, dye is added to the electrolytic solution, in order to tint the crystals of aluminum oxide which are grown down into the surface.

            However, no matter the technology or machinery used, and no matter how consistent you are in the process, the outcome (shade) is almost unpredictable. During the previous process, if Austri added dye for coyote brown to the bath, the result could have ranged anywhere from “desert tan”, “gold”, “titanium” or something undefinable.
            So it was a hit and miss experience. Austri would dye a batch and afterwards give the result a name/classify the parts.
            This is of course unacceptable for any serious, quality driven enterprise like AustriAlpin.

            The problem was even further increased due to batch processing, where male and female parts could only be anodized separately/after each other. Therefore, it was possible that the male and the female pieces of one buckle were of different color (of course unacceptable and unsellable).

            The new process removes all these challenges and greatly improves the outcome. However, it is actually more expensive than the previous technique, but is done in-house, with their own high standards and QC.

  4. Dev says:

    Thanks. Panicked a little there why skim-reading, missed the most important bits.

  5. Ed says:

    I believe HSGI is using these new powder coated buckles. All the new stock of HSGI cobra buckle belts have newly coated buckles.

  6. GW says:

    We have been pleased with our batch of the new coated buckles. My only complaint is that we need a ton of them and they are slowly coming in. Anyone in Manufacturing should be able to sympathize with AAs situation here. We have a product here that uses 12 of them. so our consumption has gone through the roof!!!

    • straps says:

      TT doing aviation harnesses or something?

      I hate to instigate a thread drift but is this thing you build that involves 12 buckles?

  7. DEV @ SORD says:

    Unfortunately the batch we received of the COYOTE brown look like they were dropped in a brown clay mud bucket, very poorly done, some chipped and no one was told during the ordering process of the change. We will be looking for alternatives. AA have always been great but this has been disappointing.