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FirstSpear Friday Focus – The Slick


The Slick is an Ultra Lightweight Plate Carrier designed to be worn beneath over garments such as jackets or even Tommy Bahama shirts as well as other kit. FirstSpear has just updated the carrier by transitioning the fabric to Tweave Durastretch 520E which is a durable four-way stretch. It’s quiet and comfortable. FirstSpear also updated the cummerbund.


Cut to fit either “Swimmer” or SPEAR cut ballistic plates, it is a simple design with no integral load carriage capacity and not really appropriate as an outervest. However, the 520E is more than up tot the task. Shoulder straps are adjustable overlapping flaps and secured via Velcro.


Offered in Coyote, order by plate type and size.




11 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – The Slick”

  1. Chuck says:

    I’ve been using this carrier for about three-four months now and it really is amazingly bombproof. Typical FS stuff. With the right plate it is very comfortable (we’re using Velosity Sytems plates), and with a poorly shaped plate it still holds well. I highly recommend it to those in need of a low-viz minimal option. And yes, it will hold up just fine if it has to on the outside with your kit.

  2. JS says:

    Chuck, are you running VS soft armor in those as well?

  3. Chuck says:

    Not personally. I have a stand alone. Some guys do depending on the plate, but it can be tough getting it all in the bag.

  4. Justin says:

    I’ve heard they sag over time.
    What does the material look like after a few months with plates in it all day, every day?

    • Justin M. says:

      Nice name! Where are all of these Justin’s coming from?

    • Chuck says:

      The old material sagged; the new material does not. So Far. But I also don’t use it every day, but it is much better in my opinion. If it does start to sag, I will buy another with no hesitation.

  5. regularguy says:

    That Hawaiian shirt is a pic of max payne. I do not know he had an FSPC on underneath

  6. JS says:

    Crap, was really hoping they could be used with soft backers as well.

    • Chuck says:

      I wouldn’t be discouraged. The material does stretch. It really depends on your plate and backer thickness and exact shape. Like I said, some guys are running backers if they have in-conjunction plates. Call FS and tell ’em what you have.

  7. threeseven says:

    Can someone tell me the difference between swimmer and SPEAR plates? If your rear plate is basically a 10×12 rectangle and your front plate is 10×12 with the corners cut out, what style is that?

  8. Trailrunner says:

    Running backers, no issue so far.
    The cummerbund is prone to failure though. Had mine fixed by FS in 2013, had do send them yet another mail shortly asking for repair – again. It frays really bad…waiting for them to get back to me or ditch it and make a smarter choice material wise after all.