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Paraclete Special Operations Hard Plate Carrier – SKD Spec

An SKD exclusive, the Paraclete SOHPC-SKD (Special Operations Hard Plate Carrier – SKD Spec) is an update to the venerable design, making it both lighter as well as more functional. For example, PALS field is entirely ¾” webbing for added weight savings. Additionally, the exterior of the SOHPC-SKD is made from 500D Cordura and the interior is lined with 420D Nylon.


As with the original SOHPC, the tall cummerbund and front flap remain a distinguishing feature, allowing for donning and doffing without removing magazines mounted on the front. The cummerbund on the SOHP-SKD has now been updated to hold Side Plates up to 7″x8” in size.

SKD has also incorporated 1.5” loop Velcro strips to match up with their PIG (Patrol Incident Gear) AFC (Airflow and Comfort) Pontoons which users swear by as they claim it increases comfort and breathability. They’ve also padded the shoulder straps. Front and back Loop Velcro fields allow for ID and Morale patches up to 3” x 6” in size. The rear carrier also includes an integral drag handle.

This bit is important. The Paraclete SOHPC-SKD comes in 2 chassis sizes. The S/M/10×12 will fit both Small and Medium ESAPI and 10” x 12” commercial plates and soft armor backers, and secure the plate to the top of the carrier. The L/XL will fit Large and XL ESAPI plates or similar. Cummerbunds come in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XL. (Note, the chassis size S/M/10×12 is labeled “M”, and the L/XL is labeled “L”). Make sure you work out the proper sizing based on your plates and girth.

The Paraclete SOHPC-SKD is available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam. As with all SKD-Spec Paraclete products, the SOHPC-SKD is proudly Made in the USA!


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15 Responses to “Paraclete Special Operations Hard Plate Carrier – SKD Spec”

  1. steave says:

    Why did they reduce the length of the molle on the top of the front and rear top of the plate, no where to mount a ptt?

  2. Dan says:

    The Molle rows look half height. I have a similar style on one of my belts, works like normal, I guess lighter????

    I like the plate bag design, finally a good example of putting the strap attachments on the back of the platebag! Diamondback did this so well, many years ago… yet it seems many other manufacturers still rock the straps coming off the front of the plate… straps on the back is best!

  3. How is the spacing accomplished on the ¾ inch webbing? It’s still one inch between? How much weight is saved by the switch?

    • Justin says:

      I think the real reason behind it is how much money is saved.
      Thin webbing for weight bearing doesn’t seem worth the weight loss.

  4. Casey says:

    Had my hands on one of these a few days ago. Nice piece of kit at that price. I’ll stick with my Mayflower APC, though, which costs a bit more, but is also a tad more capable. Mayflower really hit a home run by including a plate height adjustment strap – I wish more carriers would incorporate that feature.

    • Felix says:

      Second that.

      The MRC Product costs slightly more but gives you so many more options with velcro inserts, SwiftClip and multiple cummerbunds.

  5. JB says:

    The Paraclete SOHPC had soft armor sewn into the cummerbund, is that feature removed in this version?

  6. SKD says:

    Hope to address some of the questions. On the weight savings, you’re saving roughly 25% on the webbing weight by going from 1″ to 3/4″, but that was only one of the weight savings features. More weight was probably saved by going to lighter fabric in strategic areas including the interior layer. The spacing was calculated to be optimized for the most common placement of pouches in the respective areas- for example, on the cummerbund flap, the bottom three rows will lock in an m4 mag pouch perfectly. We’re not the first ones to introduce 3/4″ molle- its been done on other platforms and works more than sufficiently for load bearing purposes- keep in mind that holding load-bearing securely is different from shock-load requirements. This SOHPC-SKD also pushes the plate to the top of the plate pocket with it’s redesigned plate flap. We were one of the pioneers of that concept with the PIG PC in 2009. The SOHPC-SKD has no soft armor sewn in but we will offer soft armor for our plate carriers. Finally, the biggest deal about this carrier is the price. We sell alot of great carriers (including the MRC APC), but this Made in USA SOHPC-SKD is the only one that’s an SKD exclusive that offers everything it does at $179. Hope that helps- thanks!

    • Chris says:

      SKD, is there any chance of a SKD/Paraclete collaboration on the Hard Plate Carrier design for those who prefer a split front cummerbund?

      Thank you.

  7. BagLady says:

    The spacing is larger on the 3/4″ webbing. Instead of 1″ it’s 1.5″ so it pretty much works the same.

  8. Luke says:

    looks like a winner to me, I have no problem with 3/4″ webbing at all, plenty strong. I dig the shape in the plate bag, SKD has been doing the PC thing right.

  9. SKD says:

    @Chris, we are working together on a few new projects at the moment but a split front cummerbund is not on the list- sorry!