Smith Elite Boogie Goggle Added to Special Operations Eyewear Program

The Special Operations Eyewear Program has been around for more than a decade but no new products have been added since 2005; until now. SOEP is a procurement vehicle supporting SOF personnel with approved eye protection. This is not a push fielding where the SOF program office purchases a large quantity of teh google and sends them out to individual units on a one-per-operator BOIP. Rather, the Boogie goggle has been certified, assigned an NSN and added to an existing list of eyepro available for issue to units via SOEP. The unit has to request the goggle.

Smith Boogie Goggle SOEP

Basically, if you’re a jumper or in a mobility billet that finds you atop ATVs or driving vehicles, then these are for you. They also work very well under NVGs as they are low profile and vent pretty well thanks to the patented ventilator as well as their anti-fog coating. It meets US MIL-DTL-43511D goggle protection levels, protects the eyes from 100% of UV-A and B protection and also incorporates scratch resistant coating. Additionally, Smith Elite offers several mounting options which are compatible with the issue Maritime FAST Helmet.

If you’re assigned to a SOF unit supported by SPEAR and are interested in getting a Smith Elite Boogie Goggle, contact your supply section. It has been assigned NSNs based on lens color and can be requisitioned through SOEP along with other styles also on the program.


10 Responses to “Smith Elite Boogie Goggle Added to Special Operations Eyewear Program”

  1. Angry Misha says:

    They’re good for jumping, but I wouldn’t recommend them if you’re in an environment with “talc” type dust

    • This Is Neato says:

      Hell, any goggles that keep the talc powder out fog up.

    • Eddie says:

      I’ve had friends tell me the Revision Exoshield performs better in a lot of scenarios.

      • BrettW says:

        I’ve got a buddy, who has a friend, who’s brothers uncle former roommate said HE knew a guy that said his friend disagrees.

        I wish i could count how many times during the SCAR EUA’s (& fielding) I heard how many guys knew the gun “sucked” because “they were told so”…. needless to say, 95% of them, after a week of shooting the gun, magically, their opinions changed. Bottom line, try it yourself before dropping the “my friend told me…” line.

        • Eddie says:

          While I understand how that can seem annoying, I was really attempting to gauge how people feel about both the Exoshield compared to the Boogie, because they only compare to each other for the fact they take up the exact same role. Chill out Brett, your barrel has gone too hot.

          • BrettW says:

            There was a bit of sarcasm in it Eddie… ala Spaceballs (ish)

          • This Is Neato says:

            That is Neato and all but the boys can’t get the revision product through this program.

            • Angry Misha says:

              My issue with the Exoshield is that it fogs horribly in the cold and cause your eyes to sweat when it’s hot because you can’t regulate it like the boogie.

              Regardless, the key take away it the right tool for the right job.