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Direct Action Goes Live

Direct Action logo

Direct Action, a line which debuted at IWA 2014 in Nürnberg, Germany, is Helikon-Tex’s new independent brand. It consists of a head-to-toe system of head gear, garments, load carrying equipment, gloves, and boots, all of which is available in a range of solid colors and camouflage patterns, including Hyde Definition’s PenCott patterns.

Direct Action gear fielded with Polish SOF operators - still from promo video

Direct Action was formed with the backing of 30 years of industry experience from Helikon-Tex. Professional team of designers, prototype makers, and production specialists have all worked on making the products that make up the Direct Action line. All gear in the Direct Action line has been fielded by Special Operations units for end-user trials and evaluations, after initial in-house testing. This input has allowed DA to quickly incorporate suggested improvements to their clothing and gear.

Direct Action wallpaper

The result is a streamlined, flexible system which interfaces with all components: weapons, load bearing equipment, backpacks, jackets, duty uniforms, and camouflage pattern, creating an effective whole, based on the firsthand, real world experience of Special Operations units.

Helikon-Tex plans to begin US production of the Direct Action line starting in October.

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17 Responses to “Direct Action Goes Live”

  1. Felix says:

    We work together with HelikonTex for some time now, first off its made overseas, which is my only negative point on them, as I have the opinion that gear for those that protect freedom should be produced in free countries. But I also can understand that some of our LE agencies cant afford US, EU or Australien made Gear.

    Other than that, HelikonTex is awesome, and belongs to the best equipment we ever tested. We just received two of their DA Dragon Egg Backpacks and they are Top Noch.

    Everyone who hasnt tried them should do so ;).

    • Andrew says:

      Who of the biggest players produce in a free country? 5.11, BH!, Arcteryx, Vertx – Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia etc.

  2. Brandon says:

    Needs a password to login?

  3. Matt says:

    I know those behind DA – those are two airsofters with no combat experience. Slim one is wannabe commando and fatty is known as guy who was expelled from some other companies. Sad they’re putting so much shit in the marketing. It’s still china Helikon.

    • Mick says:

      Being a combat vet is not a pre-requisite to design good gear. Look at Caleb Crye.

      • Strike-Hold! says:

        Not only that but I also happen to personally know the people behind Helkon-Tex and Direct Action and you’re talking out of your ass ‘Matt”.

        • Lawrence says:

          “DIRECT ACTION® is a project born from combining great design and manufacturing capabilities with an up-close-and-personal understanding of the specific end-user needs of special operations forces.

          When creating DIRECT ACTION® every detail was rigorously thought-out from this systemic perspective – no random choices, no compromises, no “same-old-stuff” design approach, no shying away from new technology – and all based on the firsthand, real world experience of elite special operations units.”

    • mcs says:

      Rude and uncalled for internet commentary. Less than classy.

  4. AJ says:

    Flippin awesome, I’ve been trying to find the DA ghost in shadow grey forever.

  5. Mick says:

    That ghost assault pack looks promising…

    Will the “camogrom” look close enough “OCP” and/or “multicam” for it to be authorized with uniform?

    SSD, I’m putting in a reqeust for Scorpion II / Multicam / Camogrom side-by-side-by-side pics!

  6. Just a Civie says:

    I love the laser cut molle and compression straps however this is nothing new. It is basically a Tactical Tailor ROP/ Grey Ghost Gear LRAP pack with extra goodies. Just look closely. I even emailed Grey Ghost Gear and show them this pack about a month ago. Link below! The ghost is a copy of 5.11 Rush series. Nothing new but just some variations and flavors. Oddly enough I see them as improvements than knockoffs!