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S.O.Tech Viper Flat IFAK

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S.O.Tech’s Viper Flat IFAK is an IFAK kit currently being adopted by various Federal agencies and SOF units. Made of 500D Cordura nylon, the Viper Flat IFAK consists of a flat design for an ultra-thin profile and minimal weight. Folding and overlapping flaps offer utility and versatility, and the included cinch strap allows for quick closure. The cinch strap also allows the IFAK to be hung around the neck for hands free use.

The VIper Flat IFAK has the following additional features:

– Carries essential individual first aid items
– Ambidextrous deployment
– Flex-Tab attachment system (Patented)
– 3 rows of MOLLE across front
– Approximately same thickness as standard plate carrier for low profile
– When worn on lower back provides lumbar support
– Rides snug in case and will not dispense without deliberate side force by operator
– Dimensions: 9 in. L x 7 in. W x 1.75 in. D (when stowed)
– Lifetime Warranty

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Available in Black, Coyote Brown, and MultiCam. Made in the USA.



16 Responses to “S.O.Tech Viper Flat IFAK”

  1. JPfromfinland says:

    This is a solid piece of gear. Not the smallest envelope possible, but definately built to last. No zippers, no buckles to fumble with. Very accessible and the hands free option rocks. Thanks Jim, for pimping my IFAK!

  2. joe says:

    I think it’s a step towards improving the current gen 2 IFAK, the one with a similar design, but I am concerned that the current one tethers the insert to the sleeve and this one doesn’t.

    The operational requirement and employment may make the tether a undesired feature, like if the idea for this one’s hands free option is for the responder to hang the patient’s insert on his own gear for easier access.

    Does anyone have insight on what requirements drove the deviation from Natick’s gen 2?

    • Doc Steel says:

      This was created before the gen2 ifak

    • Jim says:

      Good question. We designed and tested this with USASOC. After building over 35,000 SOF IFAKs for USASOC and SOCOM, our USASOC contacts consistently rejected the use of a tether cord as more of a danger for hang up than a benefit. We however, included that ability to form a tether with anchor points provided. USASOC prefered the hang and draw cord ability. We have made a smaller LE version for LAPD, but so far, we haven’t received any requests for changes over the years that it has been in production.
      And, thanks Doc Steel. We would prefer that the question be phrased in terms of an improvement but predecessor to Natick’s gen 2, and not a deviation. We have DOD documentation to prove this.
      As a design shop, we are always looking for field feedback and ideas to improve our products.

  3. SN says:

    Used this for a short period, loved it. Makes sense in freeing space up front/sides.

  4. Craig says:

    Ranger/Sewer/Smoke…whatever shade of green…

    I mean, sure, krylon will work, but with the $$ spent, I would prefer not to have to do so.

    That goes for their full line of stuff as well. Only certain key pieces (I am guessing those adopted by SOCOM units who request that item in that color) are ever available in Ranger Green-at least when I am checking…


    • Jim says:

      You hit a key discussion we are having. We just had to scrounge for enough material on the market to produce a run of Ranger Green for a gov agency order. I’ve been in this industry for 18 years, and in the early days, the materials suppliers rarely made trim in anything but black unless you put in a huge color order with the mill. We became well known for finding matching colors. Once the GWOT got going, the mills and distributors were flush with military oriented material. Now that the war is trailing off, we are seeing supply of special colors starting to dry up. Will see how this goes for the industry.
      We do run Ranger Green at SOTech but only when we get a quantity run because we lose money on one offs.

  5. Whitesands says:

    Phenomenal piece of gear! Super durable, stays where it needs to and loves it’s home out of the way on the small of my back. What would it take to include a red marker, red pull handles, or at the very least some Velcro on the outside molle to to attach first aid identifiers?

  6. I would love to buy one of these but the shipping to Canada is robbery at $40. I order enough stuff to know that isn’t the price for a pouch. Please look at this guys. I love your gear and even emailed about this issue before.

    • Whitesands says:

      I don’t know what kind of stuff you order but I can attest that this pouch is worth every penny!

    • Jim says:

      Will definitely look into it. That dose sounds out of whack. Our web site charges based off a chart and every once and awhile we find out that it doesn’t reflect the least expensive shipping rate, so we try to adjust. I’m good at sewing, not websites, but we are getting there!

      • I figured as such Jim. I know your plight when working on stuff with 2 Cent Tactical it feels like the cartoon bomb tech being told to cut the blue wire but they are all green. Once it’s updated I’ll order one for sure.

  7. FHRITP says:

    This thing is frickin awesome! I always noticed how that stupid basketball
    They issued us stuck out and always got in the way no matter where you put it. This holds everything i had in the issued one plus a little more.

    I had it on the back of my crye low pro blast belt and it never got in the way or snagged once. I still have it there.

    Whether it was a rucksack flop on the side of some afghan mountain or driving for hrs on ridiculously rough terrain it was comfortable and easy to access. Even when i decided to buckle my self up in my rg or when i had full kit plus a ruck i could easily get to it. If the makers of this ever read this then i commend you for making an awesome and extremely functional product!


  8. Holder says:

    I love the pouch, have owned one for about 6 months now, but recently had to reposition it from my back to my left side since it interfered with my hydration setup. Excellent build quality, I just wish I could find a way to keep it on my back without it interfering with other back mounted gear. Maybe an assault pack with this as a build in feature?

    • Jim says:

      I like the idea. Originally, the flat IFAK was a sleave I built into the back lower half of our Viper plate carrier which is a similar vain. Then I decided to make it separate with Flex tab attachments so it could attach to a vest or a belt for a lower carry in the small of the back. the concern I would have with it mounting in a pack would be the need for the IFAK when the pack is dismounted.