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Introducing 757 Performance Denim by S&S Precision – Pre-Order Now

Last week I got a text from S&S Precision asking me to stop by the shop to check out something new. What I saw when I dropped in on Friday afternoon, blew my mind. I fully expected to see some new machined widget, but instead, they caught me by surprise. In the middle of a bare table lay a pair of jeans and a holster. I said, “Oh, new holster?” And they answered, “Sort of. Meet 757 Performance Denim.” At first it looked just like an ordinary pair blue jeans until I picked them up and started checking them out.


Turns out, they’ve been planning this since January. For the past several months the guys at S&S Precision have been wearing these jeans and I never noticed. The worst part is, looking back, they’ve been taunting me while wearing them, trying to get me to realize there was something up with the pants. I never even suspected. But I’ve got to say, after having spent a moment to look at a pair on the table, these are the best discrete carry jeans I have ever seen.

Several companies have made other discreet wear versions over the years but they always “brand” by adding some feature that makes the jeans “tactical”, like a pocket or a zipper where something you’d buy at the mall wouldn’t normally have them. Not so with these. You look at them and they could be any mild mannered pair of jeans; all blue denim and gold stitching. The only overt feature that even belies their pedigree is the 757 Denim rivet button, but even that is hidden behind a belt.


Like any covert operation, the real magic is on the inside. In this case, the secret sauce is the patented Internal Belt Retention. It allows their removable, Inside the Waist Band holster, to be integrated directly into the pants via the internal belt retention strap. this belt retention strap is designed to reverse hook on the internal belt openings. It’s threaded through the holster which is designed for standard and canted carry and will fit many popular pistol models such as GLOCK and SIG.


Additionally, there are two low profile rear pockets. They will accommodate a single 30 rd 5.56 mm magazine or a pistol for expedient carry. Finally, there are internal pockets set into each of the two front slash pockets. These will keep pistol magazines, cell phone or a clip-style pocket knife handy. This way, your knife won’t show like with an external pocket clip and neither it nor a pistol mag will fall down into the bottom of the front pocket.

This part is awesome. 757’s are individually hand crafted in the U.S.A. from 12oz custom milled 100% cotton denim in a design finalized with a senior stylist from the fashion industry. It’s a classic American blue jean style with a straight, relaxed leg to accommodate wear with a boot or tennis shoes. While there isn’t much mechanical stretch in the denim they selected, 757 jeans are cut to move with your body for comfort as well as mobility.

This slide gives you an idea of the draw from the 757s. I see a lot of folks wearing these for a variety of purposes: concealed carry wear, undercover work, or just a good looking pair of jeans.


757’s are prewashed. Shrinkage on the raw fabric is about 4%. But S&S cautions to never wash jeans in hot water. Wash by hand if possible to retain the best color. Also, do not machine tumble dry; air dry is best.

Before, you even ask, Women’s 757’s are in the works and coming soon. Surprise, 757 shorts are on the way too! Waist sizes 30-38in x 32 and 34in inseam. Look for expanded sizing in the future.

Pre-order special: $128.97 for one pair of 757s with Holster. That’s a great price for Made in USA pants that include a holster.



60 Responses to “Introducing 757 Performance Denim by S&S Precision – Pre-Order Now”

  1. Angry Misha says:

    They’ll look great with my Che shirt

  2. Chicken Legs says:


  3. mark says:

    Awesome! Really great idea and excellent price. Will be buying a pair when they come out.

  4. Philip says:

    Definitely one of the must-haves when traversing some parts of that area code. 😉

    Will definitely be ordering a set of these!

  5. Nick says:

    Does anyone know if they work for appendix carry?

  6. Mike D says:

    This is an amazing product announcement! Sadly, I have a horrible time trying to find pants that fit me. I usually end up being an in-between size of theres too much/little material in one spot or another. I can only hope that these will fit great on a wide range of body shapes/sizes. I’ll definitely be looking forward to trying a pair of these on, and I can only hope that they’ll come out with a bootcut pair in the future.

  7. Jim says:

    Awesome! Now please make a tuckable formal dress version and a khaki version!

  8. Mike says:

    Now make them for men instead of hipsters.

    • CJ says:

      I second that. Cool idea, look too much like “skinny” jeans, judging by the drawing.

      • Justin M. says:

        “It’s a classic American blue jean style with a straight, relaxed leg to accommodate wear with a boot or tennis shoes.”

        Looks like its your lucky day.

      • Cjp says:

        That’s how jeans are supposed to fit. Concealing in a pair of baggy jeans is easy anyway. Also, you have clearly never seen skinny jeans. Concealing in skinny jeans would be a nightmare.

  9. mike says:

    too cool

  10. Dev says:

    Link doesn’t work, reaches a “not found” page.

    That said, love the “Grey Man” tag. Needs more Grey Man stuff on SSD.

  11. Noah-TD says:

    Looking solid! I’ll probably get a pair

  12. MtMedic says:


  13. james says:

    Nicely done… great concept and knowing the S&S guys… perfection in bringing the product to market!

  14. bob says:

    they look good ! but when you are seated in a car the gun is right in the back of your butt ??? not very comfortable to the wearer!

  15. BAP45 says:

    About time someone made a CCW pant that didn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

  16. Pete S says:

    So what do these do that a 30$ pair of levis and a 60$ IWB holster don’t?

    • matty says:

      Is reading comprehension not a strong suit of yours? They’re made in the states they are specifically engineered for an IWB they have pockets that allow for mags to be put in. Plus they look like normal jeans.

      • Cjp says:

        The only pair of jeans I have that look that good cost me $100. For American construction, a great design and a holster, this is a steal. If the final production pieces look that good I will certainly buy a pair.

        • matty says:

          Between these and the new TAD jeans I’m definitely going to be dropping some coin on jeans.

    • Justin M. says:

      They are made in america by a bad ass company that employs hard working no bs chicks and dudes to build products that you can rely on. This aint your standard wally world special bro.

    • badjujuu says:

      Someone took a pair of $30 jeans and $60 holster, looked at it and said: How can we make this better? No one here is saying that your approach wont work for IWB carry, but why not evolve and create something that could potentially work better for someone else while at the same time providing employment within US?.
      Am I going to drop $130 for a pair of jeans like that? No – I just dont CCW enought to justify it, but do I think this is innovative idea? Heck yes.

    • Riceball says:

      Still no constructive reply as to what makes these superior to a regular pair of jeans and an IWB holster. Sure, made in America is nice and all but that doesn’t say anything to what it does better than the aforementioned regular jeans and holster. What I think Pete S wants to know is, what do you get for your extra $30 or so aside from being made in the US and being purpose designed for CCW? Is it more comfortable, conceal better, retain your weapon better, what? Aside from the first reply about mag pockets nobody here has said anything really constructive or informative.

      As a non CCW holder but one that hopes that CA will eventually become more CCW friendly I’m curious like Pete S is as to the advantages of these jeans. If there’s 2 of us then there’s probably more who would be interested in knowing what that extra $30 or so buys them.

      • SSD says:

        Where are you coming up with an extra $30? You guys kill me with this stuff. First, you guys complain because something is made overseas and then when I show you something made here, it’s too expensive. If you don’t want to support working Americans, that’s ok. But don’t complain when something costs more because someone wants to help keep your neighbors off of welfare. If you think these are expensive, you’re shopping at big box stores. I can tell you that $100 for a pair of generic jeans isn’t far fetched at a surf or other specialty shop.

        If you can’t afford it, understood. That happens. If you want to wear your Wranglers and Uncle Mike’s holster, that’s cool too. If it works, and you are comfy, that’s awesome.

        If you can’t concealed carry these may not be for you but some guys are going to buy them anyway for the cool factor. Hopefully, they’ll introduce additional modules that can be attached to the waistband for other purposes.

        Yes, it’s purpose built for concealed carry. It’s laid out in the article. You notice that whole “Internal Belt Retention”? That is the heart if this and attaches the holster directly to the pants. It’s weaves the holster right into the waistband. It’s adjustable for cant and location in the waistband.

        • Riceball says:

          I’m just using the number that badjuju used, $30 jeans & $60 holster = $90, these jeans are $128 which is over $30 difference. At any rate, there’s no need to get defensive about it and jump down my throat, I’m just asking an honest question, what exactly makes these better than a regular pair of jeans and a holster of your choice? Yes, it’s purpose built with internal belt retention but can you explain what that’s supposed to mean to someone like me who has never concealed carry but is honestly curious about the advantages of these jeans? And for the record, I’ve never been one to complain where an item is made, I could care less as long it’s well made, suits my needs, and is priced where I can afford it.

          You have to realize that not everybody here has the same amount of experience and knowledge but like coming here to expand out knowledge but you run the risk of alienating readers when you jump all over them for asking an honest question. I realize that there are a lot of whiners and complainers on this site but not everybody that asks what seems like an obvious question to you and others is a troll.

  17. Justin M. says:

    nice job guys. in for a pair!

  18. Fat Operator says:

    They’re way too stylish unfortunately. Definitely doesn’t have enough velcro, PALS webbing, cargo pockets, or Multicam for about 60% of SSD readers.

    Love it. The internal holster is a great addition. I’m curious to see how they hold up to prolonged wear but I’m eager to give them a try.

  19. D says:

    Of all S&S products, this appears to be the best value when compared to things like the $180 Weapon Link and $100+ kydex nav boards. Good jeans cost money and $128 is on par with quality denim.

    I’m surprised that they didn’t incorporate Lycra/denim blend like jeans from Patagoinia, Prana, Mountain Hardware, and Marmot.

    • mike says:

      The Nav boards and other molded items are Boltaron which is more expensive, harder to form, stronger under pressure, and holds its intended shape under MUCH higher temps.

    • SSD says:

      They wanted to keep these classically American.

      • John says:

        I didn’t now sub-optimal was an american trait.

        The idea seems great but to me, the comfort and enhanced range of movement provided by a bit of mechanical stretch is a must. This can be done all while keeping a classical appearance.

        • SSD says:

          Or, you can cut a pair of pants to move with you. Mechanical stretch is for folks who don’t know how to design pants. These are blue jeans. Cowboys wear them, dudes on the streets wear them, kids climbing trees wear them. They seem to be able to get around ok.

          It’s interesting to me. A fella can wear dress pants and concealed carry in them and he doesn’t ask for a diamond crotch or mechanical stretch (unless he’s wearing polyester) but as soon as you tell him that it’s a pair of concealed carry pants he wants all of these bells and whistles that take the concealed out of the equation.

          • D says:

            I disagree. I seek out jeans from outdoor clothing companies because they tend to include a very small amount of mechanical stretch. For guys who squat and deadlift man-size weights, it’s ideal. It allows me to wear jeans that are stylish (more form-fitting) yet retain the ability to throw kicks and knees. I’m probably gonna order a pair of the S&S jeans anyway, and if I’m wrong about the stretch, I’ll let you know.

          • John says:

            Dress pants are dress pants.

            Riding a horse doesnt require much range of movement outside of climb on/off the horse. Kids to manage to climb trees, but its not the best. Also I dont buy 130$ jeans for my kids.

            I prefer mechanical stretch whenever possible, either through stretch panels (ala Crye G3) or entire construction (Rab Stretch Neo).

            Again I’m bot bashing – just saying my preference and why, hoping that S&S will consider that variant in the future.

            • SSD says:

              Those would no longer be jeans. I have a feeling they will offer a work-style pant in the future. Maybe they’ll incorporate the features you want.

    • netrunner says:

      yeah same that’s the only fault I could find in these jeans, I don’t think you can really call pants that are 100% cotton “performance” jeans.

      I wish they would’ve incorporated some type of Fabric blend that really adds performance. maybe for a version 2 do a Schoeller fabric type pant.

      other than that I think these are awesome

      • SSD says:

        If you did that, they wouldn’t be jeans.

        • netrunner says:

          I don’t know it depends, you can use performance blends that still come out looking like denim schoeller®-Denim-Dynatec for example among others

          • SSD says:

            Nice, look great. Downside? Only 459 euros for a pair. These guys are already complaining about the price.

  20. Henrik says:

    Nice high quality finish and they look to have a good fit without getting trendy.
    If I carried non uniformed i would buy several.

  21. blue says:

    wish the holster location was adjustable

    • D says:

      Pretty sure it is.

    • badjujuu says:

      it looks like the location of the holster will be adjustable. If you look at the slits on the inside of the waistband and compare it to the image on their website it looks like you will be able to emplace the holster in between any of the slits.

    • SSD says:

      It is…

  22. Maskirovka says:

    The wife has been bugging me to buy some jeans… 😀

  23. SVGC says:

    Pretty slick, I dig the design and where they originate. Any plans on incorporating an option for those of us that carry with a light?

  24. Explosive Hazard says:

    Bad ass!

  25. Güero Borrachó says:

    Question I’ve had, and not had answered yet by S&S on their FB page; are the jeans sized true to fit with a holster installed or would one need to order the next size up from their normal size to accommodate the holster system? Any insight SSD?

  26. Joe momma says:

    I wish they had more stretch built in. Like right below the belt line in the back. Maybe around the knees. And if they could add a diamond gusset in the crotch. Maybe some pockets for knee pads. What I they offered it in like, multicam too! With some cargo pockets.