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S&S Precision Introduces the Gear Retention Track

While S&S Precision certainly surprised us with Performance Denim, they did tell us awhile back that they were working on new items that work with the Skeletonized Magazine Retention introduced earlier this year. The SMR wasn’t the thing but rather a component in a system.

Gear RetentionTrack1

The Gear Retention Track (GRT), allows the user to accessorize their load out in virtually any configuration. The Gear Retention Track consists of three different track systems: The GRT – Belt, GRT – Webbing, and the GRT – Base Plate.

Gear RetentionTrack2

The Gear Retention Track – Belt, is a polymer belt adapter that comes with the Multi Belt Stabilizer. This stabilizer is what allows you to use the GTR with a variety of widths of belts. Specifically, 2.25”, 1.75”, and 1.50”. To change the size of the opening for the belt, place the Belt Adapter face up and push down until the Multi Belt Stabilizer pops out of place. You can then rotate the Stabilizer to either 1.75” or 1.50”. Weight – 1.4 ounces.

Gear RetentionTrack3

The Gear Retention Track – Webbing is a two piece, polymer construction that weighs 1.6 ounces. The GRT – MOLLE easily snaps and locks into place in your MOLLE webbing. Weave the two top locking tabs behind the MOLLE webbing. Once installed, place the bottom half behind the MOLLE as well and push up until you hear a click. This now gives the operator different configurations as to where they attach accessories and how many accessories they want (PALS/MOLLE compatible).

Gear RetentionTrack4

The Gear Retention Track – Base Plate has three built in tracks. The Base Plate can be attached to the S&S Precision PlateFrame with the Plate Frame Adapter. Constructed out of a water resistant material, the adapter allows the GRT – Base Plate to securely mount to the Plate Frame. The GRT – Base Plate is also available in a kangaroo insert version which utilizes Velcro on the front of the three SMR’s that come with the GRT – Kangaroo Insert Kit, and Velcro on the back of the Base Plate. Weight – 5.6 oz

Gear RetentionTrack5

S&S Precision’s Skeletonized Magazine Retention Utilizes the GRT to attach to the operator’s equipment. The SMR is a lightweight and low profile system to carry 5.56 magazines. It has built in retention to keep the magazine from coming out without the use of bungie or a flap. Optimizing the performance of the operator by allowing faster reloads while still retaining safety by keeping the magazine in place where it belongs. The SMR weighs 1.45 oz.

Look for additional GRT accessories coming out in the next few weeks.


4 Responses to “S&S Precision Introduces the Gear Retention Track”

  1. RJ says:

    This is pretty sweet. I feel like systems such as this one are right on the cusp of whatever the new “standard” of load bearing will be. Older stuff will always be viable but this is still cool.

  2. Chris K. says:

    In stock a O P Tactical.

  3. mark says:

    That looks like a very slick, under the windbreaker Plates+Mags combo.

  4. Adam says:

    I agree with RJ. Although it has an “airsoft-y fake” look to it. I really like how versatile and light it is. The twisting action of the mags seems intuitive, and makes it a sleek minimalist design.