The Transition To OCP Can’t Come Soon Enough

2-2 BCT

Can you imagine what these Japanese Soldiers are thinking as they train alongside 1-17 Inf Bn’s Mortar Platoon? Can we get a transition plan announcement already?

48 Responses to “The Transition To OCP Can’t Come Soon Enough”

  1. BillC says:

    What Japanese soldiers? Although, I can see our soldiers.

  2. Scubasteve says:

    Holy shit! I thought they were wearing overwhites at first glance.

    • Russ says:

      Me too!

      • That Blue Falcon says:

        Me three.

        I remember working with the ROK Army in the woods. They called us the ‘winter ghosts’ because we showed up so well in the tree line.

        • Silver Dragon says:

          If you pay close attention on the four US Army troopers, you will realize that they look like ghosts depending on how long you stare at it.

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    “How nice of the Americans to wear those hi-viz uniforms so that we can easily see where they are. Safety must be very important to the US Army.”

  4. mike says:

    The Japanese have some rockin’ uniforms. The guys standing guard at the Atsugi gates were all too small or I would have gotten some righteous gear trades on since I intentionally brought smaller Arc’teryx stuff for trade.

  5. GearMonkey says:

    How embarrassing! Come on Big Army, let’s accelerate the OCP Transition! UCP is a Joke and bad for moral!

  6. GearMonkey says:

    Hell, the mortar tube is better camouflaged than our guys!

  7. Tim K. says:

    Some time later today, SMA Chandler’s staff will hear him blow his lid when he takes a glance at this photo and notices their boots.

  8. Jbgleason says:

    It’s funny but then it isn’t. I seriously wonder if anyone was KIA because of that pattern. I hope the guys that pushed that crap on the Army choke on the dollars they made.

  9. J.H.S says:

    It almost appears as though those uniforms emit their own light… It just seems like everything is brighter around them.

  10. That Guy says:

    I imagine they’re thinking, “Hey guys? Not sure if you’re aware but it looks like you got some bleach in your laundry.. Just sayin’, in case nobody noticed.”

  11. DBACK020 says:

    This was the worst Army failure ever. You’d think they’d be smart enough to realize there is no such thing as universal. Embarrassment to the Armed Forces.

  12. King Rat says:

    The only place they came close to working was in the motor pool gravel parking lot at LSA Anaconda.

  13. cimg says:

    its like working under a black light!

  14. FHRITP says:

    I cant agree more

  15. painless says:

    It is really not mind blowing that they are standing out like dogs balls, what is however is that some (no doubt) bureaucratic nob cheese decided that this pastern was the best choice, you cant teach that sort of stupid!

  16. Desert Lizard says:

    One of the things that makes me uneasy is thinking about how many major problems there must be/have been in our army for this uniform to get fielded and stay fielded. To me, this uniform is an indicator that it’s time to revamp the army’s core process.

  17. Jim says:

    UCP may be the least of the problems identified by this picture. As previously stated above, the fact that this pattern was designed, made fielded and remained in service so long is more indicative of something less than robust about the system that allowed it to get further than ‘Hey Bob, got an idea for a new camo pattern’.

    A US Army officer visited my unit in England a few years back and you could see him from 400 yards away. I can barely see a Fig. 11 target at 400 yards.

    • Bussaca says:

      From the TOP -> Down, not the way they are currently doing it.. “Save the officer corp, everyone else is expendable”

  18. CapnTroy says:

    The Japanese soldiers are thinking ???????????????

    • Eddie says:

      Anime, tons and tons of anime. That and they are curious what a coney dog tastes like. *nod nod*

    • Ron Dignard says:

      The Japanese soldiers are thinking “I see why the Americans place so much value on indirect weapons platforms. In order to survive in combat, they must be out of direct line of sight with their enemy”.

  19. mark says:

    Kinda want some JapanCam now.

  20. Paralus says:

    It’s a sign of culture in Big Army that is so plainly incompetent, yet incapable of correcting itself. That this eye-sore pattern even made it past the R&D stage show just how incapable of critical thought Big Army is.

  21. Don says:

    “What a different world we would be living in if the Americans wore this uniform from 41′-45,’ said Japanese Army Officer.

  22. Probably not a good idea to use bleach when washing those uniforms.

  23. tom says:

    And it was us the Americans thinking the same about Japanese troops up until mid 90s. (anyone remember previous Japanese uniform reflecting sun?)
    JGSDF did fantastic job designing the pattern.

  24. Jerry K says:

    I have found a use for ucp it works great as a treestand camo for bowhunting I hunt stateland in mich and have shot 4 bucks and a doe the last the 5 yrs wearing it why it works I dont know but it does.

    • Al V says:

      Deer only see in grey, not in colour.

      • SteveB says:

        Deer and other ungulates can actually see some color, but only blues and yellows. The reason it works for Jerry in the tree-stand is because of the light colored sky you see between the branches when you look up. On the ground it’s terrible..unless there is some snow cover. UCP actually works fairly well in a snow-forest environment.

  25. rich says:

    Despite the context of the original post its nice seeing something im directly apart of on ssd. I am currently in japan doing the same exersise… Orient Shield part of the pacific pathways mission.

  26. chris says:

    Hey SSD anymore info on maybe an alaract or anything in regards to wearing multicam (ocp)?