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Maker Monday – S&S Precision’s Holster Extender


S&S Precision has been working product development hard this year. One of the many items they have updated is the Holster Extender which was originally developed for a government customer to allow them to instantly transition their holsters from belt to extended, leg carry.

First off, the Holster Extender has been updated to fit the new Gear Retention Track (GRT). This allows the holster to be easily attached or removed from different loadouts utilizing any GRT platform. Next, this new design has reduced the weight by 30% and resulted in a much smoother operation. Additionally, its newly designed hole pattern makes the Holster Extender compatible with Safariland, Blackhawk and G-Code holsters. With the included GRT-Belt spacer and screw kit you will be able to get the standoff you need to make your preferred holster function properly. With a push of a button the Holster Extender gives the shooter three set drop positions to set their holster (0″, 1.5″, 3″) in order to ensure proper holster draw clearance when wearing bulky clothing and gear.

In addition to this new model, S&S Precision is clearing the old model out with a 50% off price.


4 Responses to “Maker Monday – S&S Precision’s Holster Extender”

  1. TCBA_Joe says:

    What practical functionality does this have over the RTI? Or is this just another option?

    • Tim K. says:

      It looks as though you have the ability to slide the holster up and down on the mount to increase/decrease the drop distance as opposed to completely removing it and changing mounts between a drop leg and belt mount application.

    • mike says:

      RTI is one of the standards it incorporates. The benefit is not only adjustable height, but also the ability to use Safariland and SERPA holsters in addition to holsters with RTI hangers.

      Many of my customers are issued SERPA holsters and want a drop, but if you use the concealment holster they are issued with the duty drop Blackhawk makes then you need to get new screws. While the medium length screws from a Safariland screw kit that comes with all Safariland holster will fix you up, not everyone has those screws. This cuts all the nonsense and allows you to mount multiple holster types AND choose the drop length on the fly. That’s pretty boss…

  2. Chris K. says:

    Very innovative, S&S is really pushing this tech all the way. Looking forward to SHOT and seeing what else you can use these Gear Tracks for.