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Shipping Now – BCM AR Pistols


This one features an 11.5″ barrel on KMR with the XS XTi Offset Sights, a RMR riding in a GDI Mount and the ubiquitous WML-HSP in HSP Thorntail Offset Mount. The blade is by Hardcore Hardware Australia.



8 Responses to “Shipping Now – BCM AR Pistols”

  1. Jbgleason says:

    Everytime I see another company jumping onboard with the Sig Brace, I wonder how long until ATF changes their mind. That aside, BCM is top notch gear. Good looking blaster.

    • Nick Pacific says:

      Companies have to go where the market growth is. People want them.
      It’s an inevitability, really. We just have to see what happens if they make another determination, and whether or not Sig or another company will attempt to fight it.

  2. Craig says:

    I bought one of the 12.5″ uppers with the 10″ KMR as soon as they came to market, slapped it on an 80% lower I machined out some time ago and have been loving it ever since. Micro T1 and a Inforce WML and its fantastic. Going to swap the pistol buffer tube for a VLTOR A5 and the Thorsden/CCA saddlestock setup to give me a longer length of pull and better cheek weld, should be as perfect as I can get here in the People’s Democratic Republic of Kaliforniastan.

    BCM is just top notch.

  3. Doc_robalt says:

    So are these going to be complete on the bravocompanyusa.com website or do you need to buy everything separate and assemble on your own?

  4. Terry says:

    Nice knife.

  5. Keith says:

    What is the typical role for an AR pistol? Is it mostly to have a short barrel while waiting on your tax stamp to convert the lower receiver to a SBR?

    • Adam says:

      The typical role for an AR pistol is to have a shorter method of engagement. The idea comes from an SBR, which are awesome for clearing 10’x10′ mud huts in the Stan, or carrying under your jacket while you guard the POTUS. Honestly, I think most people just want an AR-15 pistol to look cool. There are really only a handful of useful purposes. However, with the advent of the Sig SB15 brace, and approval for use by the ATF, which allows the user to shoulder the rifle and not change it’s classification, people are just using it as a loophole to have an SBR without getting a stamp.