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Meet the SOB Puncher


The Sheriff of Baghdad is a street fightin’ man. He’s introduced the SOB PUNCHER which is an exclusive design incorporating what he claims are all of the necessary elements of the perfect Push Dagger. Created as an emergency, tertiary or backup dagger, the SOB PUNCHER is an inside the waistband or belt or hand carried dagger. McPhee says it is best when worn centerline of the body, so in case of emergency it can be grabbed easily with either hand.

My passion for the operators or officers putting their lives on the line started this dagger. It was finished by real world and past experiences of these situations led to the perfect design and storage of the SOB PUNCHER.
John McPhee
SGM, USA (Ret)

Chisel ground and handmade
From tough G-10
Desert tan
Over all length (OAL): 4.4″
Blade length: 2.8″
Blade Width: 1.0″
Smooth well rounded Ergonomic handle
WORN: MOUNT anywhere to anything, Worn inside the waistband, Worn between the belt and Pants, Weave in MOLLE, Rubber band to Belt.

$54.99 with shipping $100 for 2 with shipping. Email [email protected] to order.


3 Responses to “Meet the SOB Puncher”

  1. mark says:

    Awesome. I love push daggers and non-metallic knives and this has both. Cold Steel has a plastic version, but I really like that this is G10 because of the higher rigidity of G10 over FRN.

    If this wasn’t illegal on every level here in CA, I’d be sporting one.

    • Luke says:

      I’ve had the Cold Steel version for quite awhile, I thought it was a great idea that needed refined. This looks like a pretty big step up.

  2. Brian says:

    Are there any plans for a black version? I like the tan version but black would be more useful (for me anyways).