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Check Out The New Compact Stubby Grips From Wilcox

We checked out the new stubby Wilcox grips at AUSA. In addition to the folding option, the grips are hollow with cap. Finally, as is expected, you can attach switches to the grips.


Newington, NH—Wilcox Industries is introducing two new weapon mounted vertical grips that are designed with the same quality of their originally designed grips but only half the length. The new Stubby Grips are designed to fit comfortably in your hands while attached to any 1913/STANAG style weapon rail. The Stubby Grip comes in both a standard fixed vertical and folding para model design. Wilcox Stubby Grips are perfect for scenarios when compactness, ruggedness and streamlining of the weapon are a must.

The Para Stubby Grip features a hinged mechanism that allows it to fold up against the rail. This feature allows for streamlining of the weapon during dynamic operations and also eliminates the need to remove the grip for stowage. The Steady Stubby Grip is also available in a standard fixed vertical grip.

The grips feature a thumbscrew mounting system that allows for easy and sturdy mounting on any standard 1913-MIL-Spec Rail. Both versions of grips are made of lightweight and robust aerospace grade aluminum that is Type III anodized and features a molded polymer sleeve, which ensures a secure grip during severe operational and environmental conditions.


The Para Stubby is 4.0 inches long and weighs .410 lb. while the Steady Stubby is 3.25 inches long and .245 lbs. Please contact Wilcox Industries at www.wilcoxind.com or 603-4311331 for ordering and pricing information.


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  2. Matt G says:

    Looks like a nice product! Will likely try one. Does anyone know what brand of tape switch is attached in the last picture?