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Mayflower Research & Consulting – Master Breacher Bag


Mayflower’s Master Breacher Bag (MBB) was designed in conjunction with Apex-Pred for use by breachers in the field. Made from MultiCam LiteLok, it is designed to be belt worn and attaches via two belt loops. A Rare Earth Magnetic Closure system allows for silent operation, and an ITW-Nexus Side Release Buckle offers additional security during infiltration/exfiltration.

bag open

The MBB is supplied with an insert set up for two ECT and one rubber strip charge. The removable elastic insert allows the end-user to reconfigure the MBB based on the type and quantities of charges needed.

rolled bag

The MBB comes with a removable leg strap. It can also be rolled up and secured when not required, or when used as an SSE pouch.

Master Breacher Bag

Edit: Mayflower has provided a video overview of the Master Breacher Bag:


7 Responses to “Mayflower Research & Consulting – Master Breacher Bag”

  1. RJ27 says:

    Looks like it could make a decent dump pouch as well

  2. ahhhhhclever says:

    love me some rare earth magnets…thought it was a camelbak for that first picture. Interesting material choice for multicam lite-lok…never owned or used anything with it, but I know grey ghost gear promotes it

  3. mark says:

    Nothing cooler than a bag built specifically for carrying explosives.

  4. Kaos-1 says:

    So is this why the option for the UW chest rig in lite-lok has disappeared ? I was really wanting to get one to work with my velocity LWPC. I’ve got a GGG lightweight assault pack in lite-lok and lite-lok is some pretty awesome material.

  5. Pro Patria says:

    More and more bags coming out that look like our prototypes…… Guess it’s time get off the pot.