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ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet


The ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet is constructed from Hypalon, a synthetic rubber resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet light, and extreme temperatures. This material’s “tackiness” keeps the wallet in the user’s pocket, and will also keep its contents in place. The Hypalon Concealment Wallet is a bi-fold design capable of holding 4-12+ cards, with a rear currency pocket.


Aside from being extremely durable, the Hypalon Concealment Wallet also has two discreetly hidden compartments along the currency pocket, designed to hold physical security tools. These compartments are located on concealed fold-out flaps which blend in with the seam lines from the front wallet interior, and are bisected with stitch lines, forming the individual compartments to store tools.


ITS is offering an optional Wallet Entry Kit as a complement to the hidden compartments featured in the wallet. The kit consists of a selection of tools which are appropriate and functional enough to defeat common pin and tumbler locks, padlocks, multi-wheel combo locks, and escape from multiple methods commonly utilized in illegal restraint, such as commercially available handcuffs, zip ties, duct tape, and rope. Those tools are:

  • (1) Diamond Wire Blade
  • (1) Split-Pawl Handcuff Shim
  • (1) Quick Stick
  • (1) EZ Decoder
  • (1) Ceramic Razor Blade
  • (6) Feet of 188 lb. Test Kevlar Cordage
  • (6) Feet of Stainless-Steel Coated Leader Wire
  • (1) Flat Ti Bogota Entry Single Rake
  • (1) Flat Ti Bogota Entry Triple Rake
  • its-tactical-hypalon-concealment-wallet-13

    ITS is also offering an optional RFID Wallet Sleeve. This sleeve interferes with radio frequencies and electromagnetic waves, disrupting the operation of any electronic device contained within. It is perfectly sized to fit in the rear currency department, and can hold a few credit cards and/or ID cards which utilize RFID technology to transfer data. The RFID Wallet Sleeve features include:

  • 3.75” x 2.75” RFID Blocking Card Sleeve
  • Single Layer of Conductive Silver/Copper/Nickel RoHS Compliant Material
  • Shielding Effectiveness of -70dB in the range of 30 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Interior Conductive Velcro Closure
  • 99.99% Average Signal Attenuation Achieved
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • its-tactical-hypalon-concealment-wallet-5

    The ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet and all optional components are made entirely in the USA from US-made materials. Available in Black, Coyote, and Foliage.


    20 Responses to “ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet”

    1. Reseremb says:

      Usually I love the security, entry and escape equipment and tutorials from ITS, but I’ll (emphasis in I, my own very personal view based in my own personal experience) never put a escape kit inside one of the first items that will be removed from you if captured or kidnapped.

      Question, how it looks the RFID sleeve in a X-ray machine? It attracts more attention from the operator or just looks like another piece of the wallet?

      • Vinjabond says:

        Yes indeed, I agree. These “kits” shouldn’t be kits to begin with, meaning they should not be bundled together, especially in a wallet. Parts or the “kit” should be actually hidden and placed around your person. As you’ve mentioned, any moderately intelligent kidnapper or detainer will search the captive. Or any LEO will look through any wallet found.

        So this wallet in practical use, is completely useless other than to hold money. But hey, most people who carry these these things are in it for the tacticool factor so ITS will sell a lot of them, regardless of it’s illogical concept. Also, I guarantee you that the picks will bend and the razor will break when in the back pocket. Again, not for real operators.

        • Will M says:

          I have carried the Titanium Bogota Entry picks for the last 4 years in my wallet and they are not bent (they are titanium after all). Oh and quick solution – don’t carry the wallet in your back pocket. Better for your health and the stuff inside the wallet.

          I do agree that you should separate the items though. The only thing I hold in my wallet is the picks. Restraint defeating items are better kept in a separate location such as a belt or sewn in somewhere.

    2. Bryan Black says:

      Hey Reseremb, thanks for the comment and the kind words. I completely agree with you for the most part on keeping escape kit items on your person. While sound in theory, most people don’t wind up doing that on a daily basis due to complacency. I’m also referring more to a civilian application and not those directly in harms way.

      Our goal with the HCW was to provide the option of at least having something with you for those that aren’t taking the time to conceal these types of items. Also, having a set of lockpicks in your wallet that you can easily get to can be a desirable feature. Again, while it’s built to contain everything it was designed to hold, the option is there and storing certain things in the designated spots might not be the best option considering your circumstances. As always, YMMV.

      • bob says:

        Hi Bryan, any idea if the RFID sleeves will be offered individually? I’d love to pick one up. Thanks!

      • Hubb says:

        This looks like another great idea from ITS. I think the original intent is wallet first and E & E gear carrier second.

        Just a thought…use a regular wallet with minimum cash & ID and the HCW could be hidden and used to hide cash/cards/mil ID/phone cards/E & E gear just in case you are robbed or detained.

        • Dellis says:

          Yes…..buddy kept his old CC’s to put in his “dummy” wallet. Or he would keep those fake cards you get on the CC mail offers they send out. Toss in a few realistic fake bills and you got a great decoy to toss over to your robber. Now does it work? Have no idea, never been robbed …..yet.

    3. Reseremb says:

      Hi Bryan, thanks for taking the time to comment here. Yes, I don’t carry the same items if going to the office in Madrid or if travelling to Ukraine, last time I was carrying kit all over my clothing.

      As for the HCW, better to have the option in designated spots and always nice to being used to carry kit everyday.

      Any test on how the RFID sleeve looks in airport scanners? Very interested in that.

      • Bryan Black says:

        You’re welcome, thanks for the follow up. We haven’t tested the RFID sleeve on an airport scanner unfortunately, so I can’t comment on whether it would appear differently or as part of the wallet. I’ll try to track down that information though, thanks!

    4. cimg says:

      Looks big enough to hold oversized foreign money as well, nice.

    5. John says:

      Anyone interested in a more no-frills hypalon-esque wallet can look at the First Spear Deluxe Credit Card Holder. It holds bills in the interior pockets if you fold them – one side for dollars, one for Euros/Yenjamins/etc. Mine has very gradually started coming apart, but I’ve been happy with it.

    6. Bruce says:

      Versions to accommodate popular badge sizes?

    7. Bruce says:

      PS version with no branding / ITS logo?

    8. Stuart Neilson says:

      I agree with the comments made about the needs of an escape kit. Also as a soldier I need a wallet which has my ID card in a window so this wallet would be no good to me.

      I like the sound of the material but I’d be concerned about getting a sweaty backside as it would tend to act as a hotspot.

      • ahhhhhclever says:

        oh that hotspot just kills it for me. Nice material, but I’d rather not have my left front pocket epoxied to my leg

    9. Luke says:

      Hypalon is pretty much the best wallet fabric ever. I’ve been rocking a homemade one for quite awhile now; thin, tough, grippy, and easy to sew. I love the layout of this wallet, I like that they kept it pretty simple, I just need more card slots then that.

    10. Nico21 says:

      I have two doubts: first of them, is the walletmore or less rigid? or it will bend like a piece of paper when carrying arpund or in case i sit on it? The seconf question is about the fabric, does it feel more like fake leather or like a rubber glove? Thanks a lot!