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LBT Gold Lion Label – 6094 DCU Kit


The 6094 DCU Kit, the first product from LBT under the Gold Lion Label is now available. The 6094 DCU Kit consists of a 6094 plate carrier in 3-Color Desert available in the following sizes: Medium, Large, or Extra Large. Each carrier comes with three M4/M16 Double Stacked Magazine Pouches, one Small modular Utility Pouch, and one “Stash” Bag with drawstring closure, all in 3-color Desert. The Gold Lion Label 6094 DCU Kit is limited to just 50 pieces.



Starting with the 6094 DCU Kit, all future projects under the Gold Lion Label will be featured under the Doug’s Trench section on the LBT website. Doug’s Trench is a new program which will offer limited editions, rare patterns, and one-offs from the London Bridge Trading archives, based upon consumer feedback. New releases are expected to be quarterly, so be on the look out for more info from SSD and LBT as new products are announced.



6 Responses to “LBT Gold Lion Label – 6094 DCU Kit”

  1. BAP45 says:

    I know this is a little off topic but what is the difference between LBT and LBX?

    • C.S.S. says:

      LBX is the non-Berry compliant sister company of LBT if I remember correctly.

    • NotSoTactical says:

      Customer service informed me it’s their sister company geared more toward the shooter/commercial market and not so military contract driven.

  2. Mr. Mackey says:

    I like this new Doug’s Trench program. My request is for a run of the 6094 in the oldschool Tigerstripe Pattern, I would clear out my piggy bank for that one.