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Tyr Tactical – Huron MICO Machine Gunners Assault Pack Assigned NSN

Huron MICO

Remember that awful Ironman thingamajig that the Army created? Fear not, today, Tyr Tactical announced that the Huron MICO Machine Gunners Assault Pack has received a National Stock Number.

You can watch the Huron MICO in action in the below video:


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14 Responses to “Tyr Tactical – Huron MICO Machine Gunners Assault Pack Assigned NSN”

  1. ethan says:

    Who owns the NSN? Just because something has a NSN it is automatically available military wide. That is a great pack.

  2. FHRITP says:

    I really wish i wouldve had this for the times i had the 240 in afghanistan

  3. John says:

    As a Infantry Unit Supply NCO, I’d love to buy these for my gunners, but with the budget cuts, I can’t even fill component shortages without jumping through hoops.
    Here’s hoping that the GCSS Gods don’t classify this as SOCOM level, and it isn’t priced out of our ability to purchase.

    • That Blue Falcon says:

      We’ve had good luck getting SOCOM NSN’d items in the GPF using really creative LOJs and product demonstrations to BDE/DIV commanders with borrowed gear. There’s always a way…

    • Jason says:

      The NSN is issued by big a Army and is available thru the REF as well as Prime Vendors.

  4. Reseremb says:

    Huron is part of TYR or a separate company? Last thing I heard from them was about a Combat Smock back in Feb.

  5. Matt says:

    So would one that’s half the weight and half the price interest anyone? 😉

  6. Jim says:

    “….custom lightweight feed shoot….”
    Surely it should be feed CHUTE?

  7. Reverend says:

    “Quiver of Death”. Like that… that’s AWESOME!

  8. Joker says:

    Daddy likes.

  9. Joe momma says:

    Govt sales only?!?!? BOO!!!
    This would look so awesome on the airsoft field!