Magpul’s Complete “Art of the Firearm” Box Set On Sale for $99.95



14 Responses to “Magpul’s Complete “Art of the Firearm” Box Set On Sale for $99.95”

  1. Davan says:

    Travis Haley has just sended a red smoke cluster up on Facebook in regards to not buying the DVDs set. Apparently the material in these DVD will get you killed on the streets.

  2. Magpul says:

    After seven years of being released, these have to be one of the most reviewed firearms DVDs out there. Good fundamentals are not subject to dramatic change.

  3. PLiner says:

    I saw the comment mentioned on Facebook. I can’t help but laugh at the irony and hypocrisy of it all.

    I’m just wondering if 7 years in the future he will make a similar statement basically saying “Don’t do what I was preaching as gospel as I was full of shit back then and it will now get you killed”

    I am doubtful of that and I think everyone or at least those not suffering from fan-boyism realizes that this is just someone lashing out at a former employer so they don’t sell the product said former employee is featured in and is no longer making money off of. (The DVD’s were and are actually pretty shitty to be honest but the professional looking production and filming were top notch and what carries them through IMO)

    So this raises the question…does this mean we’ve finally heard the last of the term “Dynamic” and all the other psuedo scientific and outright mumbo jumbo ( remember the miracle water oral IV testimonials?) terms are no longer cool since the DVD’s are no longer “cool” and we’ll no longer hear them? I am doubtful of that too but one can wish. 😀

    • SeanL says:

      Clearly, you haven’t seen BCM’s “Kinesthetic Angled Grip.” Whenever someone in the Haley camp starts preaching about biomechanics or kinesthetics, I pretty much switch off. Trying to razzle-dazzle the masses with million-dollar words that are directly contradicted by what’s being put out is arrogant beyond belief. And yes, the Oral IV fiasco was yet another example of the pseudoscience used in the industry to push a BS product.

      It would seem Bro Science has supplanted “dynamic, time-is-life, professionals-train-until-they-get-it-wrong” jargon as the newest drivel being used to push products that end up being dead weight hanging from a gun that only comes out of the safe for weekend Tactical Golf outings.

  4. Marc says:

    I tried ordering these and couldn’t fill out the forms: who the hell forces a customer to enter a middle initial and a suite or appt. number in their address?
    If I don’t supply both, I cannot submit the order.

    If you can’t be trusted to setup a basic purchasing form on your website, why the hell should I trust you with my credit card information?

  5. Blaine B. says:

    I didn’t have any issues ordering. Very quick and easy. Great deal. Two of these series alone would cost more than the entire set. Looking forward to watching them.

    Couldn’t find the Travis Haley comment on Facebook, but I’m pretty certain these videos will point out some areas that I’ll need to work on in order to improve my shooting on all the platforms. Even if I get a couple of key concepts from each series, they will be worth the money.

    If I end up taking a Haley Strategic course and Travis wants to beat some of this stuff out of me at that point, then so be it.

  6. TV-PressPass says:

    Redi-mags are still cool though, right guys? Guys?

  7. Panteao says:

    Training videos serve multiple roles. They have a historical value in that they document an instructor’s course and training doctrine at the time the videos are filmed. They serve as a prep aid for a student about to take a class. They serve as a refresher after the student takes that class. For the firearms owners out there that don’t have the opportunity to take a class from the firearms instructor, the training video may be their closest opportunity to learn. For the rest of the firearms owners out there that don’t have the chance to receive any formal training, the training video may be their only formal training.

    Training videos are also tied to history and history is so important in your education process. Sometimes you have to look back to where techniques came from before looking around you to what is available now.

    All that said, it is our opinion that the content in training videos do not have an expiration date. Techniques may change, people’s opinions may change, but the information is still worth knowing and documenting.

    • Blaine B. says:

      Thanks for posting that Joe. Interesting. I make it a point to assume positive intent so I’m willing to give Travis the benefit of the doubt that his motivation is in the best interest of his students and prospective students and not just a push to sell more of his DVD’s.

  8. Carson says:

    I think everyone is missing the point of what Travis said, if you are going to just buy the old dvds and treat them as gospel then you shouldnt. But if you buy them with the understanding that they are older and things have changed or evolved since then and that they still do provide good basics or fundementals then its ok.

    • Caleb says:

      Except that that’s not what he said. He didn’t say anything about how they’re still a valuable product with understood context. He said (in all caps) DO NOT BUY THESE. “Everyone” aren’t missing the point.

  9. No matter what you think about the content of the Magpul DVD’s they have brought more people to the training market to attend classes. I have students in classes on a regular basis who state they started with these videos and then decided to start signing up for classes – that is a common remark made by students

    No videos made by anyone are a substitute for attending a class but they can certainly act as a primer to get people out and shooting